01 April 2009

Last Night Post

I feel like writing something here before I hit the bed.

OK so here am I, late at night.

Dont ask me what time I'll be sleeping tonight, but I'm sure I wont be having insomnia lol.

Today had a great dim sum lunch with family at Tai Thong. Once in awhile indulge in such quality food is worthwhile. Food tasted good, nothing bad to say about so yeah, we're satisfied diners.

Evening headed to relative's house near Subang Jaya. Grandparents are over there. Went to a nearby restaurant to settled for dinner, 14 persons in total. Another satisfying meal, though I believe they added quite a lot of MSG which makes me felt thirsty.

It's my mother's birthday as well so celebrated there in a simple ceremony with 2 cakes. I didn't try the cakes because I'm still full after the dinner.

Many thanks to those relatives who gave me support morally or monetarily. A little help is appreciated especially when kick-starting something.

I know if I were to online tonight surely I'll be flooded by lots of MSN messages or Facebook wall-posts. Many thanks for all the friends, though I think it'll be quite hard for me to reply all of them one by one lol. So I would like to take this opportunity here thank everyone again, for the support and well-wishes~ :D

Yeah.... There's something about friends which I would like to talk about, but I guess I'll draft about this topic while on the plane tomorrow. I would have lots of time to kill on the plane to Tokyo.

As I mentioned in previous post, I'm not feeling stressed, just, well, feeling normal like I should be?

It's good that now I can start to gain more control of my own emotion instead of letting it burst. I already anticipated that the last few moments maybe dreadful but it isn't as bad as I thought. I thought I would be panic until I wouldn't be talking to people, but now I still can joke around.

Actually I planned to write a joking post here in conjuction of April Fool's day, but I guess a lame joke here would mean shock freaker to some hahah. Was planning to write that the plan is last minute called off, and I'll remain here. Anyway, very unlikely to happen, and hopefully it won't happen lol!

So then, tomorrow ~3pm will be going to the airport already. Rather early, I know.... ~_~
Here's my flight's detail:

1 April 2009 (Wed)

MH 607 1915 - 2000 (KL - Singapore)
NH 902 2135 - 0705 (Singapore - Tokyo)

Nothing much I'll be doing on the first flight from KL connecting to Singapore. Rather short flight it is.

On the flight to Tokyo, I think I'll enjoy a bit of the in-flight entertainment, and should be spending some time writing draft for future posts on this blog. I find it rather interesting to kill time writing things out, or maybe read a book or so.

Will be transiting from Changi Airport, Singapore to Narita Airport, Tokyo as stated. Currently it's quite cold over there (7 ~ 14'C), but it's getting warmer as summer is approaching. Now is the time to enjoy the sakura flowers blossoming~ :)

If I took any photos there I'll be uploading it here, so don't worry~

In the meantime, my Maxis 017 number will return to my sister's possession. I'll be updating my contact number once I got a new Japanese phone number. Hmm.... eyeing on Apple iPhone 3G if they're still having promotion.

I know the new iPhone is launching soon in mid-year but to have a gadget like that to play around sure is cool. :D

OK, 3am now. I've made an appointment with my dream so I've got to go now. Thank you everyone for all the support, I should be back again next Feb/March then.... hopefully!! :)

CLF Jian 2

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