31 March 2009

Last Day.

I woke up this morning with the "shock" to learn the fact that today is going to be the last day I'll be moving freely around here.

Although my flight is scheduled on tomorrow's evening, but I'll be going to the airport around 3pm or so, as we're asked to gather there at 4pm, rather too early for us as we can only boarding at 6pm.

The concern behind asking us to gather at 4pm is due to the fact that anomalous circumstances may occurred while on the day going to the airport, which results in delay and late arrival. To have a 2 hours bolster period is a safety precaution, just in case anything....

Well then, last night I just went to airport to fetch sis back, today gonna be going out around the town, and tomorrow is going to be that very fateful day of mine.

Just to add something, I do appreciate those friends who said that wanna goto the airport to send me off. Many thanks for this goodwill, but I'll do fine with just less people around. I would feel guilty if there're more familiar faces around, wishing those "dreadful" wishes.... you know, the trigger to "catastrophe" lol....

So OK.... I'm gonna spend this last day dining out with the family, relatives. Tonight or tomorrow will be doing the last check, finalising things for good.... and I think I will only keep this laptop on the very last minute lol.

I'll be trying to write something more at the airport, KLIA or Changi, stalk their wireless network, heh.


  1. Have an awesome time studying in Japan! Make sure you travel around and experience the rest of Japan.

  2. hi Long, sure I will, thanks! :)

  3. have a save trip dude!! and best of luck to u there!!r u going alone? or r u accompanied by parents?

  4. thanks Ben. :)
    like you, i'm going there alone lol.... no luxurious such as parents going together. ~__~

  5. Guess you're feeling the same way as I did when I came to Taiwan for the first time. No worries, have a nice trip.