30 March 2009

State of Feeling

Well, I'm actually quite surprise with my current state of emotion. You see, before this I expect that I'll somehow grew restless and somehow, mentally unstable prior a big journey ahead.

I still remember I was somehow stressed until I cannot get into slumber the day before going for National Service. I don't like how it feel, and somehow I needed some time to settle down my feelings.

I do admit that back then in 2007 I was naive, and right now I'm still in the process of learning to adapt in new environment.

Now in this case, it's some sort of different.

Going to Japan, the kind of feeling is quite different than going to oversea for holiday. Going for a holiday means that I just experience what the other countries can offer, and then come back to the beloved country.

Actually staying abroad isn't a bad thing, it's a good experience for sure. I kinda like Perth and Taipei. Since I went there before, so I wouldn't be so shock about staying there as I know how things are running there.

Although I went to China twice, but I don't really like to stay there, heh. I wonder how my sisters managed to stay there for such a long period of time.....

Now when it comes to Japan, I've heard and observe the country from various medias, and recently through the blogs of foreigners living in Japan. I mentioned foreigners, because they write in English and somewhat I can understand their point of view, which then I would think in depth about it.

A cool video to share, how the Japanese store their bicycles.....

But anyway, I believe like most of the places I've been to before, I need a little time to get adjusted to the situation, and once I'm OK with it, things will start to get rolling!

I just hope in the last few days here in Malaysia, I will be mostly OK with everything.... Japan is a land of promises, many dream to went there, and now I'm fulfilling part of my own dream as well.

Once a dream is achieved, next step is to think of another dream to come. For now I dream that someday, I'll be working with some of the peoples whom I admire and appreciate their work in the music industry.

My initial plan is to get a job or two in Japan once graduated from university. Try to gain some job experiences and get myself established. Then, depends on the situation, I might be coming back to Malaysia then. What to do next, it's all depending on to what extent I'm standing on by that time.

It's still a little too early to think about this yet, but it's always good to plan ahead for the future~ :)

Maybe it's just me, but I prefer to have the path laid ahead of me instead of slowly patching it up as I walk a step forward. Moving without planning ahead is a little risky, and filled with lots of uncertainties & unknowns. I'm not a risk-taker, so I would prefer a more secured route.

Is like you've many options to choose going to Osaka from Tokyo. You can take the airplane, Shinkansen, normal train, car, bus or ferry to reach there. No matter which method you chose to get there, eventually you will still reach the destination you wanted, just that you might have to pay for the price and time for it.

Few days later I would be taking another big step in my life..... with all the well-wishes, I'm pretty sure that things will turn out to be great for me!! :D

I hope that this post will somehow motivate or inspire the blog readers, in some methods. Decided to put some of the fine pictures I found on Flickr so that it won't appears to be a long-winded post, heh. :)


  1. although i never went to china before, but i wouldn't wish to stay there as well, the atmosphere is just not right..

  2. heh..... I think that place is good for traveling but not that good for living.