29 March 2009

Farewell Gathering

2 months ago, I celebrated Ben's farewell, and last night, I celebrated my farewell with lots of friends. Time flies rather quickly, and I still blame the one who purged the extra days in February lol.

The location is set at Happy Seasons restaurant, a new hangout place for young peeps like us especially college students. Booked the place at "Winter" season as I'm an acquaintance of the owner Mr Goh. The event runs on rubber time, so guests are allowed to come late or leave earlier. I wanna make it a relax and chilled gathering. :)

The first few guests arrived were Michelle, Tzu Woei and Hilmi. At first I still can entertain most of them, but when the crowd started to build up, it's impossible for me to move around and interact with everyone.

Hilmi & Tzu Woei.

It's a gathering of some primary school friends, secondary schoolmates and then collegemates!

With collegemates!

I did had this concern about the peeps I called.... I expected some will turn out without informing, while some might not be able to attend due to last-minute scenarios or so. Nevertheless, more than I expected attended!

The plan is to make it some sort of like a networking opportunity for my friends to get to know some of my other friends. I'm not surprise that some of them somehow knew each others by chance before they attend my gathering. For example, Jolene and Huey Jiun met as they went to the same National Service camp, 2 years ago.

With my football gang, also secondary schoolmates.

During the Earth Hour period (2030 to 2130) the lights went off, and replaced by candles.

Collegemante Suyin supporting the Earth Hour!

Many complained that the air-cond is freakin' cold so they chill out at the balcony outside, which is actually the "Autumn" theme. I do admit the "Winter" is cold, but that's not the coldest, yet. :P

Secondary, 5S3 classmates!

Random secondary schoolmates.

Late dinner.... Stone-grilled rice mix with octopus, salmon fillet and chicken teriyaki. (I'm not good in taking food pics)

I'll try to collect the other pics from my friends soon, and upload 'em onto Flickr. Suyin was quick as she uploaded all the pics into her Facebook, many thanks to her! :D

The crowd disperse around 12am, as expected. Good thing everyone returned home safe and sound, heh.

Thanks for all the well-wishes, and also the gifts too! Lovely.... will treasure them nicely! :)

P/S: Pics can be found in this link.


CLF's 2009 March 28 - My Farewell Gathering photosetCLF's 2009 March 28 - My Farewell Gathering photoset

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