01 April 2009


I'm still here people. 3 more hours to goto the airport.

Just a short post, for those whom I loaned out my items, please take good care of it and I expect the same condition when I hand it over to you guys, OK? I consider you people are more careful with things so then I'm not so worried to hand it over the good stuffs for such a long period of time.

If there's anything happened *touchwood*, especially the ATH-M30 and M50, just tell me about it since I still got it under warranty (one is Nov 2009 and another is Jan 2010). Someone I know can help to fix it, but hopefully this won't happen! :)

Also, the CDs...... quite easy to maintain it compared to the headphones. Just keep the CDs nicely and out of kids' reach, it would do the trick.
I had a premonition that I will be bringing back more "poisons" when I get back here later lol!

OK then. That's it for now. I shall stop updating this blog until I reach the airport then, either at KLIA or Changi.
Anyway I will still be online until the very last moment, say, 2:50pm?

P/S: Remember, I will not be bringing my 017 number over to Jpn. The number will be returned to my sis, who's the actual owner of the number lol. Then again, will update my number here when I get it.

Ciao people.

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  1. LOL..

    ME, as ur biggest debtor of your CDs collection and the m30, I promise you i will pamper them as well as u did, LOL!