21 March 2009

Today's Shopping List

Afternoon went to Low Yat Plaza briefly to get some stock ups before I left for Japan which is quite soon.

Most expensive purchase of the trip would be the Microsoft Office Home & Student 2007, which cost RM 209. Too bad I missed their promo which they're selling it at RM 189. :(

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007

Since the CD-key can be used to activate up to 3 computers, so I plan to share it with my friend so the cost would be divided eventually.

The fact sheet on the back of the case.
Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007

Something you expect when getting original Microsoft product, shiny reflective disc.
Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007

Chose to get the original copy to save the hassle if someone were to check whether the copy is legit or not. Better to play safe than sorry, especially when you're going to a foreign land.

Besides that I bought 2 plug adapters to be used over in Japan. Not so costly.

RM 22 is needed to get this Kingston 2GB SD Card. Plan to let parents to start with this new card since the previous 1GB is almost full.
Kingston 2GB SD Card

SD cards are bloody cheap nowadays, I still remember those times when RM 80 for a 512MB (0.5GB) SD card was considered a good deal already!
What's next? SDHC!!


  1. SDHC, very good for dSLR, hahaha.

  2. most dSLR nowadays can support SDHC alrdy right? it's still not so common here, can't find it in Low Yat.

  3. can't find?
    Maybe it is not common yet..
    Why do you need SDHC?

  4. I don't need SDHC yet, as I believe I don't have compatible memory card reader to read it for now, heh.
    Heard it has larger capacity and transfer speed.