22 March 2009

Farewell Gathering Update

The gathering will be held on next Saturday, so here's some updates for those who planned to attend it.

Event: CLF's Farewell Gathering for Friends.
Location: "Happy Seasons" restaurant. (
Time: 7pm onwards, tentative 'til 12am.
Date: 28 March 2009, Saturday.

I've plotted 2 maps for easier access via car, as I believe some of my friends will be driving.

From LRT Wangsa Maju.

From Middle Ring Road 2, via Ampang.

Click the pics for full size map.

Again, I remind those who're attending that the gathering will take place in the Winter room. It's cold, really, so you might need to spare a jacket and come over. :P

28 March night is so called Earth Hour, many lights in the city will be shut off for a period of time. I guess this wouldn't affect on our gathering by any means, heh.

If the restaurant plan to participate the cause, it would be interesting too! Imagine, a gathering at night without the lights, lol! So should everyone bring along a torchlight besides jacket? :P
Very unusual request for people to bring those 2 stuffs as normally we only need to bring the people to join, not the jacket and torchlights lol.

Anyway, I'll be sparing both, hahah.... just in case.

P/S: Further updates you can also refer to this Facebook event page.


  1. Wanna meet the cat ma? :D

    I'm going to KL on 28th XD hahaha

  2. Cool! We discuss the details on MSN la hahah....