24 March 2009

Back to College, briefly

Today is the 2nd last day of the Japanese language class, and since I had some extra time to spare so I decided to go to college to collect my exam result slip.

Bump into Yong Fei who's going to college as well, so we chatted together and went to college together.

Walking pass from the lecture halls I used to studied in, the Canteen 1, and SPUS block, somewhat transform me back to the time when I'm still studying there.
Many things remained unchanged, but the people around aren't the same. So says the Chinese proverb: 人面不知何处去,桃花依旧笑春风.

Bump in another coursemate, Seng Thiam too. He's coming back to consult lecturers regarding further studies.

Got the result cert collected at the SPUS office, proceed to look for Mr Low to have a chat. Before I went in, Cheng Luan was "occupying" Mr Low. Luckily there's no interruption.
Mr Low is still the same friendly and helpful character, it's good to have a nice little chat with him to get updates on fellow students and so on.

Wanted to look for Ms Chong, but I guess she still have class as she's not in her office. Ms Ong is there, and I spent another ~10 mins chatting with her. Got to know quite a lot of updates from her, those friends, etc.

Will still be going back to college probably tomorrow, if not, the day after tomorrow to get my certs certified.

Just a brief walk in the college compound suddenly altered my mindset back to those time of college. The time shows around 3:45pm but I find it is quite late (college time's standard). It feels somewhat funny as my body clock automatically switch to the college settings even I'm no longer studying there, heh.

TARC..... will never regret choosing it at the first place. Affordable and quality education!

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