21 March 2009

Mark's Farewell

* OK this is something happened 2 days ago but had no time to write it up due to final exam.

Karen messaged me on Tuesday night asking whether I wanna join a friend's farewell, who's going to Japan as well.

Wednesday after class I went to Prima Stpk area to catch up with Karen. Still early, so chat around with her 'til the time is almost up.

Karen was my secondary classmate for a year, but our classes were usually quite close to each others for most of the years as well. She's a brilliant student, full As student as far as I recalled. Recently she got 4 As for STPM as well, big congrats for her!! :D

6pm+, walked to Station One cafe and wait for the people to turn up. As usual.... most are caught late.... (-__-")

Most of the attendees are from class 5S2, Mark's class. Although I'm from S3 but I don't feel like an odd figure there. :P

Ordered grilled chicken rice, nice.... better than I expected. No pic to show, as I'm not so keen on taking food pics.

A pic of some of the attendees.... Siao Ting, Shy Yuin, Sun Hua, Siew Mei.
Mark's farewell

Those fellas had some card games where the loser had to do some silly tricks agreed before the game starts. Here's one of the scenario.... a "drunken" dude ask for beer refill.

Pity Kam hahah.....

Because I had my final test on Friday so I cannot stay anymore longer. Mark shared with my some of his experiences during interview, which sooner or later I'm gonna face those Japaneses. Was kinda surprise to learn that they even limit the time for interview, which make things more tensed up. I just hope that I'll do fine when it is my turn. :S

Mark is going to Kagoshima (鹿児島), located at the tip of the country. It's thousands miles away from Tokyo so it's kinda impossible we meet each other there.
We agreed that someday we might meet up either at Kyoto or Osaka, which is in between our respective places.

The 2 guys, one's on the way to Japan and another one who's going to Japan real soon.
Mark's farewell

I knew Mark since primary school, can't remember from when but perhaps dated back in 1996, or 1998, can't remember exactly. We were in the same secondary school as well. Very smart guy he is, we both shared common interest in cars and Mai Kuraki lol....

Good luck and have fun over there Mark! I'll be joining very soon..... :D

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