15 March 2009


I work best during the midnight, when I'm all alone focusing on the computer and listening to some great music.  :)
Been spending the night chatting and reorganizing some college photos, which you can check it out here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/clf/sets/72157606534131864/

I realised that I still have lots of great pics I haven't upload 'em onto my Flickr. Will be doing so as soon as I can, because those are some of the memorable pictures. 

Looking through the pics, I kinda miss the glorious college days and those friends.... It was fun! Luckily I've blogged many things that happened so I can go through all those wonderful times again through this blog.   :)


Time flies swiftly..... I hope I can build up another memorable moments of my life in Japan!  

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