15 March 2009


I last kicked a football few months ago, as I'm getting busy with my language studies I no longer had the mood to play football.
Used to be playing badminton with my mates but everyone's busy so we can't arrange a time to play together. Swimming is good but it's quite bothersome to drive all the way to the club.

So in order to keep myself fit, I went for jogging. I did not went to gym to run on the treadmills because to me that seems like a hamster running on the static ground, which I don't enjoy. I prefer to walk around an ever-changing scene where I run along, to get myself afresh and not easily get bored looking at the same view when running on the treadmill.

When I see the weather is clear, I would have the urge to go out and run for awhile. Usually I would pick either Friday or Saturday evening as I find those days more relaxing (Sunday is somewhat tensed as Monday's coming).

Usually I started slowly by just simple walk around my area, would either walk to Section 5 or Section 6 depending the situation. Personally I would like to walk around Section 6 then Section 5 but sometimes I would just walk either one.

Section 6 is located quite some distance away from the main road so lesser car pollution, and has lots of trees, which is why I like to jog near there.

Section 5 is a little noisier as it is closer to the main road. Still, some greens around that area make it still a good place to jog around. I like the uphill and downhill run over there.

My jogging path for Section 5.

Section 6.

Overall, including distance from my home and back home.

When jogging, I would also spend some tranquil time with myself, to commute with the spirit within me, questioning on the views I've seen or reflect upon things that I've been doing, or planned to do in my life so far. It's a good source to relax a bit besides listening to music.

I noticed I spent most of my time sitting in front of the computer which is not healthy, so that's why I would pick some outdoors activity to do so that I won't be sick or something lol. Currently maintaining at ~65kg for a few years already. :P

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