15 February 2009

A little regret?

Hmm..... I surfed around Creative's website lately and saw their new player, the Creative ZEN X-Fi.

It looks good to me, somewhat a better choice from my initial choice of Sony.
I've been using a few Creative stuffs and I'm confident with their product's quality, nice SQ and design.

This Creative ZEN X-Fi is running on Creative's X-Fi sound technology, which is something sweet in audiophile's world. I dunno how good it is if compared to Sony's tech but rest can be assured that this thing wouldn't dissapoints.

The player boasted a 2.5" screen, which is slightly bigger than my Sony's 2.0". One of the reason I bought this player is because I wanna watch videos from it, but with smaller screen the enjoyment is somewhat limited. If you're watching something, you'll need a bigger screen! I overlooked this issue when I purchase the stuff so it's a little late now.

The earphone they bundled together with then ZEN X-Fi, the EP-830, I believe is a better choice than the Sony's MDR-NC020.

Another issue is that I might have invest a little too much into the player's capacity. I doubt how long I'll need to fill up the 14GB in my player, as I just used like 3GB+ currently. I may have settled nicely with a 8GB unit, much cheaper.

Talk about cheap, I had the feeling that the Creative ZEN X-Fi might be selling cheaper than the Sony Walkman for the same capacity. I'm not sure about this because I haven't check the Creative's unit price. As for the Sony, especially the S series, it's priced same as the iPod Nano. I was hesitating between Sony or Apple, and I opt for Sony that time.

I should have done more homework before laying my cash on the unit. Ah well.... but anyway better regret buying than regret not buying! This is especially true because I missed the chance to get a few Final Fantasy CDs and it's gone for good, I dunno where else I can get it here in M'sia.

I would still stick to my Sony Walkman, and maybe few years later I would reconsider the whole picture again. I bet by that time there will be better players rolling out.

I may be wrong from some of the points above which I mentioned. After consulting a few fellow audiophiles in the forum, was quite surprise to read that it's just rated as average instead of great as I thought.
Perhaps I should be content that I've made the right choice?


  1. I think the noise canceling technology of your Sony worth it.

  2. It's said that the NC is usually used while on the plane. I've yet to try it on the real thing yet, so dunno how good it is lol.

  3. But i still think that the NC tech of it is COOL!

  4. Just to let you know one thing, the X-Fi sound card doesnt even come close to what the Sony's Player could do. Yes! The X-fi is THAT bad! ;)

    All the X-Fi technology they boast are just bulls**t!! It does nothing but adds distortion to the sound.

    If you really feel like upgrading, wait until around May for the release of the newer NWZ-X1000 series player. 3" OLED screen that I'm sure could satisfy your need for movie viewing, although they still didnt improve the lack of support for popular video codecs T_T And it should sound better too as they used a newer digital amp in the X1000.

  5. Hello Sieg!

    Wow, you guy's comments are really eye-opener!

    LOL too bad but I've already got the S series already.

    The X1000 is iTouch competitor wannabe, I'll look for the reviews when it's launched. :)