18 February 2009


Can't think of any title for this post, so just put up a generic one. So basically this post would be another update of what I'm currently up to.

Currently listening to Enigma's chillout music. Not many would like this kind of chilly music I guess, it's even weirder than those usual instrumentals I usually listen to. I only listen it when I need to cool down myself, relax a little bit in the dark. Enigma's songs are not suitable to be appreciated in the days, as it's dark in nature.

Here's a sample of their song, featuring Gregorian, another unusual group of vocalists which I kinda like them (I seldom follow vocals, mind you). They're those background male voices chanting on the background of this song.


There are surrealism elements featuring in the video, and the song may not be suitable for everyone. I for one, felt a little uncomfortable when I first listen to it. Well, I dare you to try it out! :)

Enigma's music is dark, so in order to counter the "darkness" effect I would listen to some of Kenny G's cheerful pieces like Havana or so, which brings out the "bright" effect.

Alright, enough of music-sharing session now.

Talk about my life, mainly it has been resolving around my language class, if you may have noticed the nature of the posts in the blog.

Had our 2nd test today, it was hard, harder than those of the first one. Ah well, just hope that I can survive this time, hate to fail!

One thing I'd like to brought up here is my thoughts on Petaling Street, better known as 茨廠街, or Chinatown.

I've been dwelling around this place for 2 months or so now and good thing is that I somewhat know which stall serves some good and affordable food for lunch. As you see, this area is a tourist's spot so obviously the prices of food and items are raised higher than usual KL's standard.

Those food stalls operating closer to the centre of Petaling Street usually is overpriced, and that doesn't justify the taste too. Even if it taste good, it's way too expensive for locals to dine in. Some of those back-alley stalls served quite good stuff and reasonably priced, but it's kinda hidden and not many people know the existence of such place to eat. Some adventurous

Petaling Street

Petaling Street is famous for it's fake good's open businesses. I never bother about those fake goods they're selling all along Petaling Street. I'm a guy so naturally I was not attracted by those LV or Gucci bags. Even those jerseys and football shoes I used to like, I wouldn't give a damn on those fake stuffs.

One major problem Petaling Street faces is the hygiene issue. It's unfortunate that this tourist spot is such a mess and smelly! Bad sewage & drainage, irresponsible traders whom just dispose their trash besides the street corners, and even worse, human excrement too!

I had bad experience walking from the LRT station to the language institute. When I walk down the stairs, immediately smelled the presence of uric acid & urea. I thought it was the LRT toilet's fault, but I realised is those homeless lurking around the station contributes to this fault scent.

Lots of unpleasant stuffs I smelled on the short walk to the institute. It was not until around noon when those better scents "overwhelm" those of I mentioned earlier. Grilled food, barbecued meat slices etc, smelled quite good but I never try it either it was expensive or not suitable to be taken as lunch (how can you get full with just few pieces of meat slices?)

The population around Petaling Street, has been dominated by foreigners. I'm not saying bout the tourists, but those traders which I believe quite a majority of them are ILLEGAL. Somewhat I don't feel safe walking around there because they overnumberred the locals.

I have not went to any other Chinatown in other cities before so I cannot do a comparison with it. Perhaps I may do so in the Yokohama Chinatown? It's quite some distance away from Tokyo though.

Talk about Japan, I had a little more restlessness feeling in me. Obviously, leaving this country is still a tough decision which I've made. But for the good of my future, it's worth a gamble. Besides, it should be a place which is better than this country so why should I still holding back yet?

I learn that in order to adapt in the new environment quickly, one would have to let go of the past and embrace the unknown, and yet exciting future. It's natural that you have FEAR of something you dunno, an unknown. But once you unveils the mystery of the unknown, soon there will be no fear.

Actually I don't think I'm afraid or in fear of anything in Japan, is just that perhaps homesickness would struck from time to time. I already expect that I won't be feeling so good mentally for the first month there, but slowly once I get used to it everything would be doing fine.

At least I know Japan would be a wonderful place. Take this, Rikugien (六義園) which is close to my school in Tokyo.


  1. NO!
    We dont have Chinatown in Malaysia, we do not need any chinatown here, and it shouldn't appear in Malaysia.

    Lucky that '茨廠街' , 'Jalan Petaling' and 'Petaling Street' are written on it instead of Chinatown.

  2. hmm.... but most tourist would still regard Petaling Street as Malaysia's Chinatown. It's even recognised in Wikipedia also.

  3. ya, i checked wikipedia as well, i was about to delete 'Malaysia Petaling Street' from the list..

  4. edit Wikipedia?!?!? itchy hands ar? hahah....

  5. yala, haha, very itchy..but haven't edit yet, let me find some testimony before editing it..XD