14 February 2009

Alright, another late night post

Hello again late at night, it's almost 3am now.

Life has been pretty busy yet some sort of emptiness in it. Although I'm studying now, but I don't really had the same kind of feeling I had when studying in school & college.
Back then, I've to rush for homework and assignments when I get back home, much of my time are occupied with school & college stuffs.

Now, I'm sort of free after the language class. Those homework given are primary-school standard so basically I can finish it in just within minutes. I don't really like to revise the notes except when the test's approaching, which falls on next "day of water". There will be a speaking test on the "day of fire" while kanji test on the "day of wood". Oh well.....
Confused with those elemental stuffs attached with the days? It represents certain days in a week. :)

The learning atmosphere has been very lively lately. Today's the eve of Valentine's day, some classmates made a surprise for giving the Japanese teacher a rose and some durian magnets (she loves durians!). She was overjoyed, never expect to receive such gifts I bet. I like those kind of surprise which leads to positive outcomes, a surprise party, surprise gift, etc. Negative outcome surprise is called 'shock'.

The teacher and some classmates, during one of the lunchtimes. Seriously she doesn't look like a teacher isn't it?

This morning changed my breakfast routine a little. Instead of having full breakfast at home, I just gulp down a cup of Milo and then headed to the McD near my language institute to had my full breakfast. They're giving out coupon for cheaper breakfast meals so I ought to try it out.


I ordered the McMuffin with egg set. It comes with a hash brown and a cup of coffee. The hash brown is a good finger food to taste some fried stuff normally offered in fast food chains. The McMuffin was the star of the day. Love the soft muffin buns, and the meat patty & egg combined nicely. As for the cup of coffee, it was decent but it doesn't taste that bad, at least it still live up my expectation on a normal cup of coffee.

Since I was so full from the breakfast, I settled my lunch with 2 pies from McD. I usually order 2 because it's cheaper (RM 2 for a piece, RM 3 for 2 pieces). I usually goes by a banana and an apple pie. Still the same taste as I first tasted their pie long long long long..... ago. Simply love it!

McD pie

I wanted to try out KFC's Zinger Tower as I'm a fan of Zinger burger, but for these few weeks I might stick more to McD. Mmmm..... I'm lovin' it! :D

Lately I've become some sort of musical fanatic, trying to "poison" others with my music collections. The Low Yat's Audiophiles forum has been a place I lurk around the most nowadays, sharing info with fellow audiophiles in order to hear the best sound we can get for now.

I've been experimenting headphone & earphone combinations on certain devices such as this laptop, my Sony Walkman and my phone. Currently placed an order for a portable amplifier. It's not that expensive so I ought to try it. Amplifiers can be a good stuff as some earphones/headphones will only sound the best when amplified.

Sony Walkman S739F paired with Audio Technica ATH-M50

Well ultimately, the best sound quality would be listen directly from the source without any aid of hearing devices. The best sound quality is those of direct, unaltered and unamplified voice produced by the instruments and human's vocal.
That's why people willing to pay so much for a live concert show, though somehow it can be altered as well. That's one of the job of a sound engineer.

Another friend, Hong Inn, is leaving for Australia to further studies tomorrow (or today, as now is already 14th Feb). He's heading for Canberra, majoring in which field I dunno, but it must be something great.

I've knew him since Standard 1, we're in the same class for 6 years in the primaries. He studied in another secondary school which is not so far from my place, and he's a top student there. Too bad he did not attend the latest primary school gathering which is held last Dec. The last time I met him was the gathering in 2007. :(
Just hope that he can settle down there without much problem. Knowing his studying habit I'm sure he would retain his top student form there. :)

To the right is the man who's flying to Aus soon.

Australia can be a great country to study in, and I do have the intention of studying in Perth when I went there in Jan 2007 (OMG that's 2 years ago! Time flies so fast!).

Alley shot in Curtin University, Perth, Australia.
IMG_0295 (Large)

And oh yeah, today's the Valentine's Day. I'm still a singlet so would not be celebrating anything or so. Wish those doubled (or tripled) would enjoy this nice weekend with their partner(s). I hope that by next year I won't be sabishi lol.

OK that's enough for tonight. Gotto go now. Used up quite some time to write this post, not bad considering this is quite a long post (usually it would take me more than one hour to complete a long one!)

'til then, good night. :)

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