07 February 2009

Late Night!

Can't believe I'm still online at this moment! I just had a dose of coffee around 10pm++ and I'm still fully awake now, although I can easily doze off on the bed any time soon.

Had today's farewell gathering's pics uploaded onto Flickr. Tomorrow going to process and upload Chinese New Year ones, lots of 'em to process!

Some pics from today (or yesterday already).

Group pic after our dinner at Pizza Hut.

Second round at "Happy Seasons", a new restaurant opened by the boss and mentor Mr Goh.

Me and Theng Tsing, he's flying tomorrow night.

Hola! I'm still here, it's 4:26am now. Going off soon. It's not that I'm closing my eyes but I better sleep now or my mother woke up lol..... kinda funny that I sleep when she just woke up. XD

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