07 February 2009

Fully-Loaded Friday

Wow.... what a great day I had....

I've got lots of things to do now, planning to stay up 'til very late tonight.

Just to brief what I've been through today.

Japanese language class as usual until 1540, next Monday is a holiday, yeah!
Met with Emily for the 2nd time at Petaling Street, chatted quite a lot of topics.
Attended Theng Tsing's farewell gathering at Pizza Hut, and later at "Happy Seasons", a new restaurant.

Further post up I'll write it either tonight or tomorrow. Now wanna process lots of pics and upload 'em onto Flickr!

'til then guys, lots of updates to come for this long weekend! ;)

P/S: Best of luck to Theng Tsing! Sydney is going to be fun!


  1. Maybe you should say 'Met with Emily at Petaling Street for the 2nd time,'..LOL

  2. eheh i didn't mention the first one ma.