05 February 2009

Messed Up State

I've been busy lately, but that doesn't stop me from writing this blog post....

Yeah, seems like there're lots of frogs hopping around the country these days. From party to party, for the sake of personal gains and glories, they're shameless greedy person who betray the people's trust and hope whom faithfully voted for them in the previous General Election 2008.
Shame on you, so called people's representatives!

So now the monarch had asked the current state government to resign. As what a Malay tradition goes, the subject cannot defy the King's order as it is given out. The current government refuses to obey the order and insist that they're still ruling the state.

On the other hand, the other party played a trick that's frequently used by the state government's party to turn people from human to frogs, hop and hop. I'm disgusted by this doings. It's not just me, but many of other Malaysians do as well. We simply hate those childish political dramas being "aired" since 8th of March 2008. Bunch of pathetically failed actors and actresses doing a failure act.

For now I do not sided with any of the parties. I reckon that previously I might sound a little more leftist-biased, but now I realised that they're also another bunch of hungry wolves wanted to get a piece of the meat, power and money that is. 

I don't see any capable leaders to rule this country. Not Najib, not Anwar, and definitely not Abdullah. Even if the former PM Tun Mahathir ever wanted to restore his position as PM again (a wild guess), the situation may be much complicated for him to handle compared to that time before his handover to Abdullah. 
Although Tun M has a sharp and intelligent mind, but I doubt he can get the country sailed to the correct course in just a short period of time.

Again, I personally don't think Abdullah is a strong leader, maybe it's just that his luck is such obnoxious that many bad things happened during his tenure, while his predecessor Tun M survived many of the conflict and crisis for more than 20 years and still standing strong today.

This is the problem when the country is tussled between 2 dominant group of parties. For many years it has been a one-sided competition, but in recent years now there's another outspoken party that would go head-to-head with them to argue some points but mostly are irrelevant.

This country is a good country, but it's ruined by the chaotic political state. However there're still hopes for the country though, is just that some dummies keep holding the position but do nothing but destructions to the organisation, party and the country.

I know that many Malaysians living abroad wanted to come back to the homeland to settle down again after spending so many years overseas, as the best would still be the place of their origin. They still prefer to stay elsewhere though because of the uncertain political picture, shunning them from returning to the country. Waste of talents. Many Malaysians had succeeded in other regions but why hardly in Malaysia?

If we did not sort out this terrible mess soon, Vision 2020 would be just a dream, an imaginary country our previous leaders dream of. 
Malaysia, would no longer be as influential and relevant as it used to be in those early grlorious years..... 

Think about the future generations, say we want to make it a better place for them so that they know it's a better world for them.
God Bless Malaysia....

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