07 February 2009

Theng Tsing's Farewell Gathering

So another mate is flying off the shore....

So yesterday was a great day for me which I spent most of my time at the outdoors socialising.

Had a simple meet up with Emily after I finished my language class before that.

Rushed home, grabbed dinner for my mother, took some stuffs and headed to the Pizza Hut nearby.

There's a joke here which I was being fooled by myself. The day before (Thursday) I went to the Pizza Hut and waited for like 30 mins, still no one turns up. Was sort of pissed off, so called some of my friends to ask about it. Blame it on the weather I suppose, as some are in deep slumber due to the rain so no one picked up the phone. Then in the end I got the confirmation from Theng Tsing telling me that the gathering had changed to Friday evening. He said he updated the info on MSN's personal message but because I seldom online MSN so I wasn't updated by it. Hah.... sometimes I can be tricked by simple things like this.

Back to the gathering. It's actually meant for S5 students so I'm sort of an outcast because I'm from S3. Nevermind this though, because I know almost everyone of them lol.

Pictures coming....

Since Wen Ze's leaving early so took an early group pic with those early birds.

KY's the next leaving earlier, so another group pic of the guys. I borrowed his Ixus to took most of the pics as my PowerShot is running low on batt.

The long table, end to end.

Me with TT the man of the day.

Some of the attendees.

Group photo after our first round at Pizza Hut.

Some of them left back home, while the rest of us settled for another round at a restaurant called "Happy Seasons", a fresh establishment open by the boss and mentor Mr Goh.


The theme we settled at, "Spring".

Some are playing cards....

while the other gang is watching some video through handphone and TT's iPod Touch.

A snack.

A stayed for awhile close to 12am before heading back home. Of course, any gathering wouldn't be completed with a group photo.

Us in the "Winter" theme.

With Mr Goh, the owner of the establishment.

So Theng Tsing's flying to Sydney tonight. All the best to your studies and keep in touch!

Here's something else that happened last night.

Had a dose of coffee at "Happy Seasons", but I didn't expect it to last so late until 4:30am! If I can stay up for 3.5 hours more than I would be totally 24 hours sleepless, a new record lol.

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  1. ur friend, TT is kinda looks like my cousin.

    I wonder why the pizza hut is so empty, as i always organize gathering at pizza hut, i think this is the best pizza hut for me ,lol.