10 January 2009

Moving here and there.

Had a great day today, one of the very fruitful days of the year, I think.

Received a call in the afternoon from home, mother called, telling me that my cheque has arrived, a 4-digits figure, I'm a happy man. :D

The cheque came from Nuffnang, which I've requested the payment in mid Nov last year. It's normal to wait for the cheque to be delivered after a month, as long as I got the payment, no complaints! :)

Talk about Nuffnang, I went to their office after class to pick up something from Yee Hou.
He sent me an e-mail the other day as follows:

Dear Ling Fan,

You have been invited to participate in the Rexona Absolute Extreme
contest scheduled to run from the 8th to the 29th January.
Kindly drop by the Nuffnang office during office hours to pick up the kit for this
contest. Contest details to be released on sixthseal.com and
shaolintiger.com on the 8th of January.

Otherwise you can contact me at 01X XXX XXXX.


Yee Hou

Going to Nuffnang's office is easier than I thought, just get down at Dang Wangi station, followed Exit B and cross over the bridge. Walk across the road and with a few more steps, you're arrived the Heritage House, the block that hosts Nuffnang's office.


Their office is actually located at the 13rd floor, but due to the fact that Westerners dislike the number 13 (same goes for Chinese's "4"), so the floor is being labelled as 12B instead. The same treatment goes for the other company beside Nuffnang.

After walking pass the narrow corridor I'm right in front of Nuffnang's office.

Suite 6, floor 12B, Heritage House, Jalan Yap Ah Shak, downtown KL, the Nuffnangers' hideout.

Knocked the door, Yee Hou greeted me and welcome me into the office. Had to take off my shoes upon entering there, an unusual feat for a modern office, but that's just one of the ways of life of Malaysians. :D

Immediately spotted Robb working alone on the desktop, while most of the other Nuffnangers are working on the other corner.

Yee Hou introduced me to the fellow Nuffnangers there. I can recognise Firdauz, Nicholas, Pinky & Boss Ming (the co-founder, usually based in SG but he's here at this moment), and sorry I can't recognise all of them, as I think they are the backgorund workers which didn't expose much compared to some others.
Too bad Boss Timothy (the other co-founder, the boss of MY division) wasn't there, as I know he's attending the Youth '09 conference in PWTC. Was eager to meet him up in person though.

I was given this Rexona Men Absolute Survival Kit which contain some useful gears for "survival".

Inside this kit contains 2 Rexona deodorant sticks, a compass, a multi-purpose knife, and an LED torch light.

Yee Hou told me I'm the one of the lucky ones since as it is randomly chosen among Nuffnang blogger to receive a set of this kit (Glitterati status helped, I guess), which I think can be very helpful when I'm going to Japan.

There's a contest about the Rexona stuffs, but I'm not sure whether I'm going to participate or not. The contest details available at SixthSeal & ShaolinTiger.

Sorry to say this although I received this nice gift, but I'm not those kind of blogger that would ridiculate myself doing some crazy or funny acts, post the entry on the blog and enter the contest. It's just not me.
I do however, appreciate Nuffnang's approach to me for joining this contest. And thanks to Rexona too. :D

Nuffnang is definitely one of the company that I might consider to work with in the future, as I like how they way it functions, youthful and freedom~
Besides, blogging is been my hobby and passion for some time so it'll be nice to get involved in it in the blogsphere.

Meanwhile, I got another agenda going on.

Last month I was thinking of getting the ultimate headphone, with the cheque I received today now I can afford it. It's not cheap man.... cost 3/5 of 1k. Do the maths.

Audio Technica ATH-M50

I previously dealed with this forumer nicknamed Akabane@DrJackel for the "younger sibling" of M50, the M30, which cost 3/10 of M50's price.
He's a nice dealer, and he's only the few people that offers Audio Technica gears here in Malaysia, and the price is quite reasonable too.

Contacted him, and immediately sealed the deal.

Went to the bank to deposit the cheque, and then proceeded to another bank for the cash deposit. Things went pretty smoothly, though I made a blunder myself that freaks me out, heh. Something to do with a card.

So tomorrow afternoon will be going somewhere near downtown to deal with him then. Gonna ask him how long should I burn-in the headphone before it'll show it's true power, etc.

Actually, the M50 cost like ~RM 500 if converted from JPY, so it's OK to say that getting M50 in Japan is cheaper than here. I know about this, but I still insist getting it here because I had the money to spend on it now.
In Japan, my budget will be tighter as I won't be taking all my money along, and even so it would not be sufficient to cover the living expenses there.

Caphy-san from the Japanese language class asked me whether it's better to get laptop here or buy it there, and my answer would naturally be getting it locally. It's said that computer in Japan is cheap, but since we're newbies there, many things remain unfamiliar there.
We do need some time to get familiarise with the environment there, so to get a computer there can be sort of a burden. The only place that came into my mind to get computers in Japan would be Akihabara (秋葉原).

Ah well, great day it has been. Looking forward for tomorrow to deal with Akabane for the M50!! :D

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