17 January 2009

Japanese Language....

So it's been a month since I started the class, the outcome has been promising.

Started to be able to speak a little more confident as the glossary builds up. It's kinda frustrating sometimes that when you wanted to express something but you dunno the word to use for it, thus stuck in the mid of communicating.

Talk about that, one have to be careful when speaking the language because you speak differently to different audience.
For formal-speaking, mostly for the elders, tutors, higher-ranked people or so on, you use the polite form.
If speaking among peers, you use the plain form, which is shorter than the polite form.

It's consider rude if you speak in plain form to the elders. This maybe can be compensated if you're a foreigners studying the language, but better avoid such problem if possible.
At the same time, it would be awkward if you speak in polite form with your friends. Though it is OK, but people still prefer plain form on casual occasions.

The process of learning the language can be very funny sometimes. Had a good laugh for those examples quoted by the classmates. One of the most memorable one would be the conversation from yesterday:

Sensei: "Give example of extraordinary or special thing that you have done, ate or saw etc."
Classmate: "I saw tsunami before."
Sensei: O_o "Tsunami?!? Where did you saw it?"
Classmate: "From TV."
Everyone: *sweats and laughed out loud.*

Laughing all the way in the class is a positive sign, as everyone's enjoying the process of learning. A few jokes are always welcomed as it will ease off the boring feeling.

Seems like some of my classmate dislike the other teacher Mr Oda. For them, he sounds like the history teacher back in school, but I find him a charming character and of course a dedicated teacher as well.

I think he has been quite patient with us, though I'm a little doubtful if his temper would went over his tolerance if some of the classmates keep irritating him in the class by not paying attention.

He teaches us more on the cultural side of Japanese, a few examples of what words we would use in certain circumstances etc. I enjoy the video he showed us on the daily conversation between Japanese and a Brazilian named Santos, teaching what we should and we should not do when engaging with Japanese.

Ms Komatsubara would be going back to Japan on early Feb I heard, so we'll have another teacher to take over the class. Also a Japanese, hopefully she'll be as nice as Ms Komatsubara.

That's all for now, catchin' up with it..... :)

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