19 January 2009

Speeding at Night

Last night about 11pm drove to KLIA to fetch CLY back. Since father still can't see well at night so as the other driver in the family I've to drive.

Good thing bout driving at 11pm of Sunday is that not many cars on the road. Was relatively easy drive for 90% of the entire journey.

Used the KL-Putrajaya Highway, which this time I tried to hit the highway near Sungai Besi, just after the airport. It should be the Salak Selatan exit if not mistaken. Managed to save a round of toll if driven up from Jalan Tun Razak exit.

Driving on the KL-Putrajaya Highway is a breeze, and the uphill and downhill ride is fun, which I called it "roller coaster ride". Speeding can be fun as the road is very straightforward and mostly relatively less cars.

I prefer to use this route if I'm going to KLIA, though there are some other roads that leads to the same destination as well, no need to pay the toll, but longer travel distance or time.

Usually it took 1 hour from my house to KLIA. When my father drove, it usually is like ~10 mins faster than that time.

On the way back is much faster, as I find that I prefer to speed up more on the way back rather than the coming direction because most of the time I've to be careful with the trucks that's moving towards the airport's direction.

Last night I clocked ~50 mins from KLIA back home, which is faster than previously. Top speed I manage to hit is 140km/h. Never dare to go more than that for now. It's not that I simply want to hit to such high speed, just that the car naturally accelerates when there's nothing blocking in front.

The Perdana V6 I'm driving is the best I drove so far. Previously driven Wira & Kancil, which obviously, cannot be compared to Perdana. I still have yet to try some better cars, say, Toyota or Honda, or if better, some premium German cars (Mercedes or BMW). :P

This CNY I'll be driving back to hometown in Kedah, but luckily CLY can drive as well, so we can switch over when one's fatigued.


  1. Speeding is fun!

    but now i am just lack of spunk.

  2. u better dun speed if u're not confident enough, speeding is dangerous but fun lol.

  3. Ekk.
    I think its better to be safe than arrive a few minutes faster..

  4. hahah yeah, better be safe than sorry. :P

  5. wahhhh... going into car review now huh.......

    Toyota, Honda, BMW & Merc.....

    sori, gua punya none of the above leh....

    eh, when are we gonna meet up?

    dun worry, i dun bite wan....


  6. PF:
    which car also nevermind, as long as it serve it's purpose. :)

    meet up 'eh? can gimme ur contact then? u're KLCC-based right? i might going there to shop something after CNY i think....

  7. great, i'll sms you later on...

    since u like sushi king, my treat...

  8. alright thanks man.
    u got my number?

    i think i'll be going there to look for new gadget after CNY.