17 January 2009

Hitting the Jackpot

Oh boy, what a great week I had lately!
Received lots of nice goodies from here and there, many thanks to those online deals that I can managed to get hold of.

Let me list out few stuffs that I received on the past week.

#1 Nuffnang's cheque.

My 4th cheque from Nuffnang, many thanks to them for making the Malaysian blogsphere so lively!

#2 Rexona Men Absolute Survival Kit.

Collected it from Nuffnang's office the day I got my cheque. Seems like they're giving it out for some other bloggers as well, as I've noticed some of them got the same kit as I did. Had good feeling bout fellow Nuffnangers, maybe one day I'll work for them? :)

#3 Audio Technica ATH-M50 professional studio monitor headphone.
Audio Technica ATH-M50 box
Audio Technica ATH-M50

Arguably the best headphone I ever used so far, really satisfied with the built & sound quality! Got it the next day after I got Nuffnang's cheque. Cost me RM 600 for it via a forumer, my 2nd most expensive purchase with my own cash.

#4 HeartBeat.com.my Magic Mug
Heartbeat.com.my Magic Mug

It looks plain isn't it? But don't get fooled, it is really a "magic mug".

Heartbeat.com.my Magic Mug

Original pic (link):

Last week I wrote an ad for them, and few days later the mug was delivered from a courier.
It's really nice, it meant a lot to me, especially the KL skyline of the "Eye on Malaysia", though it's now dismantled & shifted to Melaka.

#5 Gundam 00 OST 3.
Mobile Suit Gundam 00 OST 3

Just found out this album today, it's like a few weeks late from the release date. Most of my friends got it already, seems that I'm being left out this time lol.
But nevermind, at least now it's being loaded. Talk about masterpiece by Kawai Kenji!
I'll definitely get the original CD when I'm there.... real good stuff it is.

#6 Gift from sis.
Sis CLY is coming back from China to celebrate Chinese New Year, and I think she's bringing back something for me as well. Still not sure what is it' will see it when she returns this Sunday. :)
If it's really and iPod Nano, I'll be extremely happy. Else, I'm still happy with what she'll be getting for me. :D

That's it for now. Am very happy with my current "materialised" life. I'm a happy guy now, really cant ask for anything better, maybe in few months time, or a few years. Who knows?

It is good to be happy in life, have something positive to look forward upon. :D