16 January 2009

Strategies to help you survive student life

Strategies to help you survive student life

Hello people. I’m Relax from The Wise Curve. Thanks to CLF for hosting my blog post on PianoForte today. We are net friends who share similar music interest. Yanni, Kitaro, and Sarah Brightman are our favourite music artists. I feel honoured to do guest blogging with him. :-)

I was a successful student who scored straight A’s for SPM and A-Level Edexel. I’m a firm believer of “study smart, not study hard”. Today I’ll share with you some of the secret to my study success. Hopefully it’ll help you in your study. Never know you might become a star student at your school!

Here are some tips to help you survive school life and pass exam:

Don’t just study headlong without a system. Create methods to study efficiently to save time and energy. For example, you can organize knowledge into content mapping or database system, so that you can cover everything in a subject and remember facts well. Content Database Mapping (CDM) is a study system that I find effective.

Your teacher is paid to pass knowledge to you. But that doesn’t guarantee that she has the right skills to teach properly. Sometimes you get a nasty teacher from hell to demoralize you. Even if your teacher is good, what if she takes 6 months leave and let you face your final exam alone?

Don’t ever depend too much on your teacher. Develop your own ability to find knowledge and study on your own. There are alternatives to your teacher, such as tuition teacher, internet, books, and seniors.

Get to know more people. Your social network is valuable in your study. It’s a good idea to have more friends because they can help you in many ways, such as giving you exam tips, letting you copy their homework and class notes, recommend you good tuition teachers and books, teaching you difficult subjects, and many more. Each person has her own strong points so it’s best to get to know as many people as possible to gain the advantage of people’s strength.

Even if a person has nothing to do with your study, such as the canteen uncle, you still have to be nice to him. You never know his brother might be your future boss.

It’s important to keep high spirit to maintain your study momentum otherwise your study will go down the drain eventually. Severe lack of motivation may lead to failing in exam and drop out. You don’t want that to happen.

Self motivation can be learned and there are many ways to do so. Exploit reward and punishment mechanism to push you forward. Do well in small tests to gain the mood and momentum. Accept healthy competition to improve yourself. Eventually, you will become super confident like a raging bull.

Plan your study well. Studying without planning is like travelling without a map. You are not sure of your direction and can get lost easily. Plan your study early in your semester so that you don’t need to rush in last minute. Plan your daily activities so that you won’t waste too much time or procrastinate. If you are a well organized planner, your productivity will be high and your study will run smoothly like a sailing ship.

I hope these tips will help you do well in exam and live a happy student life!

Your friend Relax~

The Wise Curve

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