01 January 2009

First Post of 2009

I didn't went out to celebrate last night, spent the time alone at home computing. Writing the final blog posts of 2008 took up most of the time.

Although today I can sleep a little longer, I was forced up by my will at 8am sharp, the time when I usually get up to prepare for the class. Besides, today's still a weekday so it's understandable the body alarm system is still activated, heh.

Due to the harsh weather recently, I'm not feeling very well through out the week. Hmm.... maybe I'm infected by the flu bug flying around the classroom. The aircond doesn't help much either.
My own formula to tackle this sickness is drunk myself with galleons of water, and had a nice sleep.

Helped parents to build another cabinet today, should be the 3rd one we built since they started to move things around. This cabinet is similar to the 1st one we built so managed to complete it within an hour. The 2nd one is a major failure which we eventually return and refunded lol.

I noticed following the usual calendar, school term will starts again next week. I'm not affected by this date, but perhaps I would see more uniforms moving around the place where I'm currently studying.
Evening LRT trip back home will be more packed than now as the students are attending extra tuition classes at Kasturi, the famous tuition centre in KL.

packed LRT

Tomorrow would be the first class of year 2009. Hmm.... it's getting closer and closer....

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