01 January 2009

The year that was, 2008

Like many others out there, we bloggers have a lot of things to write on what we've done in the year 2008, in conjunction of welcoming the brand new year 2009.

Unlike what I did last year, I would not list out stuffs that I've done over the past 12 months. Simply is because there're too many things to be covered, or in other words, maybe I'm just too lazy to go through the monthly archives to look for something to write out, hah.

Well yeah, what a year it has been, 2008 that is....

Completed my pre-university studies of Cambridge A Levels in Tunku Abdul Rahman College, a place where most youngsters after 17 years old would've heard of, providing excellent education & most importantly, affordable education for everyone.
That's why the students number increased every year and everytime the seniors would've cursed all the occupied parking lots (whether it's legal or illegal as well) due to the hike in the number of students, heh. I'm one of them lol.

College life.... somehow I'm gonna miss every bits of it. I enjoyed the whole journey, from the day I step into DK A for the orientation, knowing a handful of people there, to the very last day of A2 exam, the day that somewhat changed my life too lol.
It's been great time I had with my collegemates, I'm glad that I get along well with most of them. :)

The last day of A2 exam I speak of, is the turning point of my life.
At first I'm quite reluctant to leave the comfort of home, but knowing that all the promises and dreams await me in the Far East, I've decided to settle down my past and embrace a new life in Japan.
Sure enough, I'm one step closer to those Japanese musicians which I admire greatly. Namely, Joe Hisaishi, Nobuo Uematsu, Ryuichi Sakamoto etc.

For now my plan is to stay in Japan for a year, and then another 4 years of university degree. The 4 year plan still remains uncertain yet, as many factors are taken into consideration, so what I can do is just wait and see. Anyway it's good to plan ahead though.
Plans for the university, I'll talk about it the other day as it's still too soon to talk about it.

Family does matters. I'm happy to be in this family, although sometimes I can't stand the adults argue over a very simple matter. Make life easy for you and me, 大事化小,小事化無 is the best solution I think.
When someone's at home, I'd put on my headphones because I don't wanna let unnecessary stress that naturally flows into me when I heard argument. I can get tense up at those moments, thus disturbing my productivity, especially when I'm in the mood to study or write a blog post here.

Father's not in the best condition since he had his eye surgery. He had a 2nd one in Nov, and according to the doctor there maybe a 3rd time. I'll be taking over the driving seat for the time being, so I hope he can get well when I'm off to Japan next year.

Friends, again, I'll miss every single one of them, whether they're friends from primary school, secondary school, college or acquaintance I met over the years. Life goes on, and parting and meeting is just a reality of life. I appreciate their presence in my life that make things much interesting and colourful. I've got lots of things to learn from them.
Thank you for everything you guys had offered me, whether it's directly or indirectly. :)

Talk about friends, someone asked whether I plan to go one step further in a relationship. I've been thinking this for quite some time, but for now quite unlikely, really....
I do have someone in my mind now, but then it'll be hard for everyone as if we were to be together, the time would be quite limited to spend on each others, and besides, it's hard to find a common interest to talk about, which is not easy to build up the relationship.
Btw, this is a common sense I learnt from playing The Sims 2 lol.... The game simulates the reality quite well and I learn a few bits of tips from the game lol.

In year 2009, I'm going to burn lots of money for sure, mainly on my expenses in Tokyo, which cost more than an arm and leg compared to here in Malaysia. As expected, I'm gonna work part-time there in order to cover some of the expenses.
Of course, I'm gonna need some help from people around there so dozo yoroshiku onegaishimas どうぞよろしくお願いします ~

2008, close to an end soon..... It's been a wonderful year, just like a roller coaster ride. There're ups and downs, but most importantly you feel happy and excited after the ride. :D

Wish everyone would have a better future in 2009.
May those who lost their job due to recession can find new ones.
And also, please stop the further bombing here and there all over the place. You're making more holes by doing this, either from the blast of the projectile, or to bury the dead.
May peace and happiness fills in the humankind, hoping for a better future for everyone and the generations to come. :)

Heal The World~


  1. not to forget..

    May peace and happiness filled in the earth, the nature and the others life forms as well...

    Happy New Year to you ^^

  2. hahah thanks Miao, all the best of 2009 to you too!

  3. hi there, happy new year...

    oh oh.. u are going to Japan this year...

    so cool... ;)

    1. Can speak, read and write Japanese without much problem.
    2. Work to support my own living in a foreign land.
    3. Get into a serious relationship?

    good luck.. eheh!

    do keep in touch...

  4. hey nurul, thanks for the wish! :)