24 December 2008

Yanni Voices 2009

The latest video of Yanni Voices!

Featuring their recent performance in Mexico, showcasing the whole new Yanni style!

Well personally, I would prefer Nathan & Leslie as they sang the songs that I liked, but have to give credits to Ender & Chloe as well. I just have a peek at the whole show, so I can't lay my final judgement just yet.

I hope I can get a hold of this new album which said to be released on March 2009, the new Yanni Voices.

For those who dunno, Yanni recently explored into a new style of music which differs from all of his previous works, that is introducing vocals into his music.

Initially I do not like it, but I had my mind changed after the "persuasion" videos posted on Yanni's website to convince fans that music isn't just purely instrumental.

Will post more updates on Yanni if there's something new. Stay tuned. :)

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