24 December 2008

Getting new headphone?

Ordinary people might think that I'm crazy to spend so much money on audio gears all awhile, especially in earphones and headphones.

My last purchase was Audio Technica ATH-M30, which I bought considering that I might be studying music locally so opt for such non-portable-friendly type. Besides, it's one of the more affordable headphone from the Audio Technica range.

Audio Technica ATH-M30 Audio Technica ATH-M30

With my future plan suddenly changed, I realised that I cannot bring this headphone along with me to Japan due to it's built.

This is a one-piece headphone, it has no joint that could be fold up for easier carrying, making it extremely difficult to bring it anywhere.
Audio Technica ATH-M30

This time I wanted to get another Audio Technica, a portable one, and slightly cheaper than M30 above. This time I'm looking at ATH-FW3 Buttons.

Audio Technica ATH FW3 Buttons

From a brief review I read from the web, they say that this is the type of headphone suitable for ladies due to it's stylish design. With the colour combination above you can guess it.

I had no idea how's the sound quality is, so I PMed fellow audiophiles in LowYat forum to ask for their opinion on it.
So far I got one reply from them:
oo bro serious this cans mostly for ladies like onto3 small sound is about the same. clear serious for easy listening. compare with m30 is little bit beyond if you think for travel i think is ok for you.

A brief and honest reply, that's what I want.

From what I read on the forum, this headphone is more for casual listening rather than audiophile-level listening experience. Though I carve for better sound quality headphone, but I'll just make do with this one because it's an Audio Technica.

Well, of course I didn't expect the sound to be as good as M30, or even overshines M30, as this is the quality you get for the price you paid for. If you want better sound, you've to burn more money in.

Another reason why I wanna get this the FW3 Buttons is because I'm kinda sick with earphones, especially those in-ear types. Sure it produces wonderful sounds and able to cancel out some of the noises, but for long-term it's not the best idea though, it can damage the hearing.

I actually planned to get Audio Technica in Japan since it's the homeland for the brand, but given the tight budget for my dream headphone, I can only get it as the ultimate reward of working hard.

My dream headphone: ATH-M50, the big brother of M30.
Audio Technica ATH-M50
Audio Technica ATH-M50

Superb sound quality and portability, the best I can wish for~

I haven't place my order on the ATH-FW3 Buttons yet, will have to gather more info on it before deciding it.

Another reply from a forumer.
M30 is a more studio like phone. Flat and neutral.
Buttons has a nice staging, although i think it wont be large like M30 but it is sufficient. It is more like a fun sounding headphone, I sold all and left last unit brown.

I'll just wait for the new stock only then to decide whether I want it or not. :S


  1. hmm, imho, other than audio technica ATH-FW3 Buttons, you coud try to get Koss UR/29 portable headphone which is quite affordable. (Price around RM160ish).

    Superb sound quality and deep bass for a portable/traveling headphone if you ask me ^^

  2. hello unknown,
    From what i read from reviews, Koss is good, but the only known product is KSC 75 for now.... havent venture deeper into the brand yet. :P

    i might consider it for future purchase, thanks for the suggestion. :)

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