25 December 2008

The Christmas Eve Parties

So today's the Christmas Eve, everyone seems to be happy in the class, although the fact is that we're having our first ever test on the morning.

Well, the Hiragana test wasn't that hard as I thought. I had no problems to write all 50 Hiragana letters from あ to ん.
The second part of the exam is just dictation like we normally do, except with a few longer lines than usual. No problem doing it, just see how well will I score.

The lunch was sponsored by Mr Loke himself, treating everyone a KFC meal, which is nice. Celebrated the mini-Xmas party in our classroom during the lunch hour. No complaints here, everyone were happy.
I'm happy because I can save up a day's spending on meal as eating around Petaling Street is a wallet-sucker.

The class proceeded as usual after that. Ms Komatsubara is still as strict as she is normally, even though we're in celebrating mood.

Mr Oda took over the last lesson teaching us more about the Japanese culture. We started with wicked tongue-twisters (早口言葉), and then proceed to learning difference between the Japanese culture and our culture.

In the evening headed to Kok Yi's place for his annual Christmas party. Was being invited every year but this is my second time attending it as I spent my Xmas in somewhere else in 2005 & 2006.

The Xmas gift I prepared.
2-faced Naruto, in his normal state & Kyubi state.
Naruto IMG_0465

Met up with Ken Jon there, it's been awhile since I last met him. We went to get some pizzas for the party with the gang.

The Xmas tree

Well compare to last year, this year's party attendance is significantly shrinking. KY said many had their plans this year so couldn't come.

Enjoyed some good food, chat with the mates and watching some sort of videos on Christmas.

KY's mom, a fine lady, told us stories of the Christ, her annual preach. I'm OK with it, because there's no harm to know a little more of another faith, though I'm unlikely to had my faith converted. It's important to respect and accept what others believe in, not trying to devaluate others.

The gang left for 1 Utama for countdown and a late night show IpMan (葉問). Heard the movie is good, but I'm not a guy who lurks around til late at night so I didn't join them. After finish transferring some photos and movies I headed home.

I'm happy that I can spend the Xmas eve hanging out with friends, although my family doesn't celebrate Xmas. Just that, next year I'll be spending my Xmas on somewhere else. :)

To end this post, here's a video S Chee Ming recorded on his phone, Christmas choir singing Jingle Bell~

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