26 December 2008

Big Spendings...

Few days ago I wrote about thinking of getting a new pair of headphones. Then last night I was considering tweaking the plan a bit.

Instead of getting a compromising pair of headphone, I might decided to get the ultimate pair which I mentioned there, the Audio Technica ATH-M50.

Audio Technica ATH-M50

The reason why I dare to think of getting this is because I still have a pending payment from Nuffnang that I've yet to receive (most probably on Jan), and it covers the expenses of the headphone so it's just nice.

Since it's very hard to find Audio Technica headphones here, so I can only get it through online deals. The market price for a piece of M50 cost ~RM 700, which is very expensive.
I can get it for RM 600 through a forumer as he's having a promotion now.

I thought, since I can't bring the money along with me to Jap, why not I just spend it here? Get some gears that I might find it useful so that I don't have to compromise to many things over there.

Another thing that caught my attention for quite awhile is the new iPod Nano.

I had the chance to try out one during the trip to PD and I just love it!

iPod Nano

The design is cool as usual, user-friendly interface and most importantly, better sound quality compared to other iPods.

apple ipod nano

The one selling on Apple Malaysia Store is quite a good deal as you can see. RM 600 for 8GB & RM 800 for 16GB unit.
This includes free name-carving on the back and delivery as well, which is a good deal.
Btw iPod Nano in Jap is more expensive than in M'sia. :S

I'll either go for the black or red colour unit, if I were to get this. :)

But well, I'm most likely to get the M50 rather than the iPod Nano though, since I still have a working Nokia 5310 XpressMusic & Creative Zen Nano Plus as my portable music players.

Money money money.... I mostly spend them on audio stuffs and CDs lol.... or occasionally treat myself a good meal?
Haha.... the benefit of earning some extra "kicks" online. :P


  1. M50 worth ur RM600 than Ipod!

  2. both are obviously good stuffs, so hard to decide, hahah.