04 December 2008

Extending Dell's Warranty

Called Dell's tech support just now to ask for extending my Inspiron 1420's warranty which expired on next Saturday (13 Dec).

Since I'm going to Japan next year so better to have an "insurance" for laptop just in case anything happened.

Luckily I made the call today, because since my warranty is still valid, so I'll have discount in extending the warranty to another year.

I was quoted the warranty for 1 year cost RM 550, while 2 years is RM 950. It's expensive, but from what I know, if you're to renew after the warranty expired, the figure can go doubled.

I'm likely to get the 2 years warranty to cover it til Dec 2010, since I'll be in Japan for some time. Better to play safe than sorry.

I do not rule out, however, that I might get myself a new laptop there, but that's the last thing I wanna get there lol. Have to work hard to earn the money to buy a laptop, though it's cheaper there.
I'm eyeing on Toshiba. :)

But anyhow, I still hope that this Dell system will last for few years to come, before I decided to replace it.

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