05 December 2008

Ragnarok Online

This game is simply the best online game I ever played, it's the game that starts off my online gaming experience.
Besides RO, I've tried Gunbound & Maple Story too.

My first character, kinda mixed up stats though. This is from the legit Malaysian RO, English version (eRO).

Noticed the datestamp? This pic is dated say, 5 years ago? It's been a long time lol.

These few days suddenly got the urge to play this old game again, after abandoning it in 2006 as I open the music player and discovered a few nice BGM tracks from the game which reminds me of the game itself.

Chased by the Abysmal Knight in Glast Heim, one of the dungeons in the game.

So now I'm trying to reconnect to the game, but no longer in legit server. :P

Yesterday downloaded 1.23 GB worth of setup file within 12 hours, which is a good rate considering I've to wait for days to download a few hundred MBs sometimes.

The game is still patching and I'll see how things work up later. :)

P/S: The reason I quit last time is because playing alone can be kinda bored sometimes, and the server is not stable so I'll just give it up.


  1. this the most awesome game i ever played!!!
    and its still is..
    tho playing back can't get back the feeling...

    and its true.. playing with friends are the most fun period of all...

    gosh i missed it sooo much...
    I also played five years ago hahahaha

    akiraceo, the priest at your service ^^

  2. XD
    i wanna try out the new jobs instead of the usual one this time hahah.. :D