04 December 2008

A little disappointed

While browsing through social network sites I noticed the group pics of friends taken during their outings and gatherings.

I'm pleased to see that everyone's having fun time there, but one question pops into my mind, why I wasn't in the pic?
Well then, I dunno whether should I say this but, feel like a bit disappointed hahah....

My life can be more interesting if I were to join them in the parties here and there, to make things much livelier and colourful that is.

Friends celebrating after the end of A2 exam.

Ah well, was wondering why I'm not being asked to join them. It'll be kinda awkward if I join without being invited, but I wasn't aware they're going until few days later.

You can say that I didn't take the initiative, but I'm not thick-face type to ask around or join people without being invited, it's not just me.

Well, ultimately I think the problem lies within myself, because from what I read from self-discovery book, you're the creator of experience that you're going to have, so in order to gain good experience, your mind must think positively on the outcome.
Sounds wacky? But I think the fundamental of this theory is true though.

Some of the best moments with friends.

Anyway, I appreciate those who've invited me before but sometimes unfortunately I couldn't make it due to various reasons, but thanks anyway.

For me, it's kinda cruel to see everyone's having fun while you're all alone, feeling bored. :(


  1. Well, You are just not the type that go for Kara-ok.

  2. lol how sure you are? :P
    well, at least I'm not "mic-ba". hahah/