03 November 2008

Unstable Laptop

My Dell Inspiron 1420.
The screen went nuts just now. This computer is still unstable.


Was playing game until suddenly the screen freezes.
Restarted the laptop, still like that.

Wait for 15 mins, restart again. Looks OK.
System Restore.
Can login Windows already.

Was backuping my stuffs, wanna write report to Dell Support, suddenly screen freezes again.

Restart, wait for awhile eventhough the vertical green lines still there.
Loaded Windows login page. Logged in.
Appears to be working normally until now, writing this emergency post.


Highly suspected the graphic card is the culprit. Nvidia GeForce 8400M GS.

I still praised the laptop hasn't give me any problem but now, this is really screwing me up! I cannot afford to suffer from a sudden "heart-attack" like this as I'm having exam!!

Tomorrow morning gonna call Dell to settle this case ASAP!

Hopefully this com will stabilised until the Dell guy come to check it.


Now barely running on the laptop on the LCD screen.
As I suspected, the graphic card is dead, for now.

Running on 800*600 resolution on the screen..... pics below. 






  1. Hi, I also happen to encounter the same problem like urs with my Inspiron 1420 also. Wat was the outcome from ur reporting with Dell?

  2. They came to replace the motherboard few days later.

    It's a known issue so it shouldn't be a problem reporting to them.

  3. oic, okok thx I think I'll make a report to them even though my warranty already expired... :-p

    Btw any signs of the problem afer changing the mobo?

  4. it'll cost you a lot if your warranty expired, more than 1k, according to the tech guy who fix my laptop.

    so far so good, no signs of any symptoms. Hopefully nothing else will happen. :)