04 November 2008

Update on the laptop issue

Wake up earlier than usual. First thing came into my mind is to ring Dell.

Apparently the phone system structure changed since the last time I called. Now the tech service part requires the Express Service Code, which is not required in the previous structure (I've to turn the laptop up-side-down just to find it).
Anyway, at least it skips a step to select the Dell model, straight to the point, which is good for some.

Told the operator bout the issue, after a simple diagnosis test (press D + power button at the same time), the screen went flashing with colours. This suppose to be a screen flashing test I suppose, to check whether the screen or the graphic card is having problem or not.

Later then laptop boot up and working normally, no more vertical lines and shrinking resolutions. The Dell noted this problem and say will send someone over by tomorrow to replace the faulty part (which I suppose is either the motherboard or graphic card).

It may appears to be fine now, but after awhile it'll act up again. This is what happened last night. Never take any chances on it as it's obviously having an issue already.

Here's a link from a Dell's blog regarding this issue:
Nvidia GPU Update for Dell Laptop

Tomorrow.... having my exam at late afternoon, so they may be as well to come over by morning or latest, around lunch time.
Actually I plan to goto college earlier around 1pm so that I can study at library first, but I guess I've to call it off to fix my laptop up.

Well nevermind about that now, at least someone's coming to fix and I do not need to spend any cent at all, I dont need to bring it around, and I still can make use of all my time.
No complains here, as long as they got it fixed. :)

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