03 November 2008

Instrumental Music

Instrumental music works on us subconsciously.
If it doesn't move you emotionally it's meaningless.

The music has to give you goose bumps.
It's not something you understand intellectually, you just know it.
That's what I love about instrumental music.

It bypasses logic, it's not something you analyse.
You enjoy it, or you don't.

Quote from "Yanni In Words", pg. 129.

How true these words are, how true.... As an instrumental music lover this is exactly what we felt when listening to the music!  :)


  1. Whoa,such an excellent description for instrumental music...actually it is beyond our description and the power of the instrumental music is out of our wildest imagination,haha...(Am I exxagerating?)

  2. If like it, you'll like it for no reasons! :D
    That's why I'm into instrumental music for quite some time already.