02 November 2008

Random Update

Was wondering what has been done in this a week plus study leave. The next paper falls on next Wednesday afternoon, I still got a little time to do final revision, and yet I kept myself busy with the computer.

Can't stop loving the headphone, it's just great! I keep putting it on to enjoy the music while studying, ended up I keep switching from one song to another just to try out how good this thing is!

The more you use the headphone, the better the sound quality it could produce!

Alright enough of my showing-off here. 
Seems like I'm not really in the mood to study just yet. It's dangerous, as you know if you don't study now, what's the consequences you'll face sooner or later.  :S

Well, just a random write-ups here.... Look at the time now, it's getting quite late at 2.30am,crazy....  (for some still consider early, even crazier!)

Right, I shall goto bed now (ironically, I'm writing this in my room). That's all for now, will write up something if I found anything interesting to blog aboug. 

Signing off for today, good night world.

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