01 November 2008

The headphone and the book

I'm so excited about today. Going into another shopping spree again~ 

Made an appointment with a fellow forumer of Low Yat forum at Ampang Park LRT station, got my studio-level headphone from him, yeah! Thanks Akabane!

Went to KLCC to do collect the book I ordered in Kinokuniya. Before I went to the bookstore I head to CIMB bank to cash out my Adsense earnings. The rate is quite good, at MYR 3.537 to USD 1. Because of this money I only dare to order the book.

It's pretty hassle-free to collect the book in Kinokuniya since the book is reserved already. Was lucky as it's the last copy they had in the store. The book I bought is "Yanni In Words", a biography of Yanni, a musician I highly respected.

Was planning to had my lunch at Sushi King but it's fully occupied during the lunch hour, so I put off my plan dining there as it's kinda impossible to get a place to eat during the lunch hours.

OK, so here's the pics of my "bounty".....

Yanni In Words & Audio Technica ATH-M30
Book & Headphone

"Yanni In Words" is a 300+ pages biography of Yanni telling his stories from his early days in Greece, to his successful career of music, the journey from a nobody to somebody.
Yanni In Words

I'm exciting to read about this book as it talks about the touring events which made him famous, notably his live performance at the Acropolis, Greece in year 1993. Later he moved on to the world heritage sites for his "Tribute" tour, the Taj Mahal & the Forbidden City in Indian & China respectively, in year 1997.
I've watched the live performances DVD and I'm totally amazed by his music.

When you watch the DVD performance, you can only enjoy the whole music, but didn't know the story behind it. Every musical creation of Yanni has it's own backgrounds, and in the book he talks about parts of it.

The book didn't cover his 2005 live performance "Yanni Live! The Concert Event" recorded in Las Vegas, as this book is published in the year 2002. An exciting book I'd say, but I can only finish it after exam as I better concentrate reading the past year questions now lol.

Yanni In Words

A sample of Yanni's own musical notation of the song "Keys to Imagination". Noticed his unique time signature at 7/8.
Yanni In Words

Now the headphone's turn, Audio Technica ATH-M30.

Audio Technica ATH-M30

It's so-called studio engineer's headphone, online reviews of this headphone is pretty convincing as mostly are 5 stars ratings. Those fellas in the forum recommend this as well, and since it's still within my budget so decided to give it a try.

Audio Technica ATH-M30 & Philips SHP2000

I bought it around at the right timing as my Philips SHP2000 is failing due to wiring problem, again (most my earphone/headphone died like this). Hoho.... now you're comparing a RM 180 headgear and a RM 50 one, you can hear the difference easily.

Sound quality is of course unmatchable of all the earphones or headphones I used, good sound delivery, the bass is not too loud, and noise-cancelling works like a charm. Really live up to it's expectations!

Audio Technica ATH-M30

These stuffs are my indulgence.... Listening Yanni's CD through the headphone while reading his biography, ah~~~ enjoyment! :D

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  1. i want to read the next page!

  2. hahah. well actually i plan to take the book with me to Jpn. :P

  3. aiyor, u thought i am asking u for that book meh?

    Hiak hiak...