30 October 2008

Blog Analytics

This post can be quite technical for some, sorry for that. But if you're thinking ways to improve your blog's traffic, why not you try read it, maybe you'll get some info here.  ;)

I've been monitoring this blog's performance for quite some time. Today let me reveal some of the facts about this blog.

The tools I used are Google Analytics & the tracker in Nuffnang.

Let's compare the results of both engines....


From 23 to 29 of Oct, a total of 11,462 (Nuffnang) or 10,258 (Analytics) page views/visits has been recorded. Why there's the difference between the 2 statistics? No idea.... Given the stats for a week, quite satisfying I must say.

Now let's see where most of the blog visitors came from....


It's not surprise that westerners top the visitors list. If you may have noticed, there's the difference on the #3 position in both engines.
One shows Germans are no.3 but on the other one Malaysians got into the top 3. The difference in the margin is quite far apart, 3.1% & 2,200 visits.
Most of the countries listed are football nations, you'll roughly know what kind of people is visiting this blog.

So how does these people came across my blog? Some interesting facts....


Last time I've checked for myself, Google, especially Google Images, contributed the most of all visits. Google Analytics listed very detail regarding which Google pages link to my blog the most.
From the Nuffnang stats, I can see that my friends' blog contributed quite a large numer of the stats. Thanks to their linking, it somehow draws people to this blog.

My reasoning is that they didn't memorize people's blog address so they just simply click from their blog to surf my blog. For myself I prefer to type their URL directly into the address bar, or access it through Google Reader. I seldom click from my own blog's links unless I've forgotten the link.

Talk about Google, let's have a look what keys that probably bump my blog up to the top 10 search list.


Just now I've mentioned, football topics topped the search list. Seems like those visitors are more interested in Adidas Predator & Nike football boots.

An interesting note is about Maksim's album "Pure" on the 3rd place, which is quite a mysterious album among the Maksim fans, as not much of info is leaked out like previous albums. Everyone seems to be looking for info bout it, and just nice I recorded an promo clip from a website and post it up there.

A disturbing fact I came across is the keyword "han xin chong hwa malaysia". Han Xin is my schoolmate, and to know that someone's actually stalking on her through Google and landed in my blog, must be her fan hahah.... but it's still scary to see that people actually tried to track her down on the net. Bad luck dude, bad luck, coz she's not active on the net lol.

Some other misc stats to share....

Majority of the blog visitors are Microsoft Windows users at 92%, overwhelming other OS users. The second majority is of course, Apple Mac users at 4.5%.


Within the Windows users, close to 3/4 of them are running on Windows XP, while 1/4 of them running on Windows Vista. The rest are running on older Windows. It's amazing to see there're still people actually using Windows 95!

Anyway that's the "deepest" info bout OS I can go through, the system cannot detect what version (Vista Home Basic, Ultimate etc) they're using, which Service Packs they've installed. That's too confidential.


For browser part, Firefox FTW! It's good to see that most visitors are surfing on Firefox, which is a reliable and safe browser as compared to Internet Explorer. Google Chrome is doing pretty well there, as it's a relatively new browser and many are switching to it now. I'm one of them. ^^


Last bit of info shows how many visits to this blog since I installed Analytics in it. A healthy 101,635 visits since last year! :D


Though it's still far from reaching 1M visits, it's quite good as the actual figure could go more than that. The Analytics didn't record the data before 20 Oct 2007, but I believe that from the time I start this blog until then, it must have 100k visits already as well, judging from most people are referring back to my older posts.

Oh by the way this blog is a PageRank 3 blog, in case you're asking.

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That's it for now, I'll compare the result from today's post next year, around the same time then. :)

*Note: Some of the results from above, especially Google Analytics, are based on the last month's data from 29 Sept 08 to 29 Oct 08.


  1. If I have 10% of your daily visitors, I will be smiling from one end to another. Good work you have there.

  2. Your blog can potentially reach this mark as you're focusing on educational topics. If it's served right, soon you'll see the difference.

    Good luck and happy blogging! :)