30 October 2008

An Inspiring Story

Just happened to watch the TV moments ago. 10 mins before the daily 8pm news, there's a 10 mins shortclip on inspiring stories happening around the country.

Today featuring a blind man who's working as a computer technician, and web-designer. Cant remember his exact name, but he's referred as Allen.

Wow, I couldn't believe it! How on Earth a blind man can easily lay his hands into the motherboard to take out the parts like normal people did! I mean, he can't see at all, so how he can recognise the hardware, the wires, all those stuffs and managed to assemble it back just like that!

I always complain that fixing the RAM is a tedious work, now this blind man put me in shame! (-.-*)

He said he used to maintain a net radio service, but due to the expensive charges he had to close it down. Now he's into web-designing business.

It's amazing to see how he can write the HTML codes for a simple website in just a matter of minutes! I mean, he simply just memorise all the HTML codes! You can say that those easy codes are easy to remember, but for people even like me sometimes I've to refer to tutorials and guides to write it too.

This guy Allen really had my respect. Hands down.

Sometimes, these handicapped friends had their stories to be told to the world. On the blogsphere, there's this Peter Tan who're an advocate in fighting the rights for disability people.
Despite his hardwork campaigning and lobbying, the Malaysian government seems to neglected this group of people. Those business corporate doesn't help much either.

Anyway, the show I just watched is called "Galeri Perdana", in Chinese is called 前线视窗. It's being aired on RTM2 10 mins prior the Chinese news.

This show is far better than the news broadcast, as I always caught many errors and mistakes in just a 30 mins simple news. Either it's the technical errors, or the human error in pronounciation. These problems are not acceptable at all, they tried to revamp the whole broadcast last year but still the making the same low class mistakes here and there, I can't help but to shakes my head over the production unit.

Surely, I understand all those broadcasting stuffs are tough and stressing, but you can't just repeat the same mistakes over and over again EVERYDAY?

Perhaps the production unit opt to hire talented people like Allen to help them sort out with some of the problems there, I think a handicapped people can do way better than a normal people do. 

Shame on us!


  1. I watched the shortclip too. I am really impressed with the blind man's capability. I swear that I, who has two functioning eyes, cannot even recognise all the hardware in the CPU. Salute to the blind man.

  2. Hahha, he owns we ordinary humans by his gifted skills!

    Hope they'll soon recognise him for his outstanding ability!