30 October 2008

Dangerous Food from China

Today I'm home alone so have to settle my own lunch. Decided to try out the instant noodle bought from China last year.

KangShiFu's spicy pork ribs noodle.
Kang Shi Fu

I happily open the cover....
Kang Shi Fu

and I spotted something weird on the noodle....
Molded noodle

take a closer look....
Molded noodle
Molded noodle
Molded noodle

It's grown with mold and fungus!!!

I lost my appetite when I noticed this, simply drain away the mood to eat already....

I've checked the expired date, it's not printed on the container! WTF?!? By all means, the expiry date of a food is a must to be printed onto the food's container, now this time there're no date printed! 

The container says that best kept within 12 months, c'mon man I bet now is just the 10th months only! Or you can say that I'm so unlucky to got an expired noodle here. Anyway, this shouldn't be happening!

Decided to clean up the mess. Eating this kind of food will surely upsets your stomach badly, and not to mention possibility to take your life together as well. These innocent looking fungi can cause a lot of problems!

Poison food from China 'eh? Are they conspiring try to kill more people here?  

No choice, I ended up with another pack of instant noodle, now this time is the local's favourite, mee Maggi.

Preparing mee Maggi

It took me awhile to prepare it, but at least it taste good!
Dont judge the taste by its look, it's tasty!
Mee Maggi soup

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