30 October 2008

Friday's Shopping List

Tomorrow I'm going to KLCC to shop for a few stuffs, probably some of the more expensive stuffs I've bought so far.

Ordered a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M30 headphone from a LowYat forum member, tomorrow gonna pick it up at the LRT station.

I've just called and asked bout the book "Yanni In Words" with Kinokuniya bookstore, luckily they've one in stock so I've reserved it and going to pick it up as well tomorrow.

Planned to had my lunch at Sushi King, and also want to sign up their 2009 membership. I'm a fan of Japanese food and Sushi King is the one I can usually spend a little money on it, the rest of Japanese restaurants are simply too expensive for me already.


Total expenses is bout 300++, luckily Adsense are paying out so I can spend a little fortune here, heh.

Of course, I've to keep some for future use too, planning to buy a few CDs after my exam. I'm still looking for Final Fantasy VI OST, probably will find it in Sungai Wang there, hopefully! :)

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