30 October 2008

Money Not Enough 2

I've been late into the action for this movie is it was being aired few months back. Was having trial exam that time so couldn't watch it. Asked a few friends to watch together but seems like everyone either watched already or don't have time/mood to do so.

The movie was delayed, but recently sis bought the DVD when she's back here so we watch it together. We've high expectations on Jack Neo's film.

"Money Not Enough 2" is a sequel to "Money Not Enough", debut 10 years ago. It is considered the film that kick starts Jack Neo's directorship to another level in the region.

"Money Not Enough 2" (MNE2) started awkwardly with the introduction of the animation of Singapore. Yea the city looks good on the screen, but the focus on the ERP (Electronic Road Pricing) system just doesn't feels right.
As far as I'm as an outsider's concern, this intro is directly teasing the Singaporean government.

The storyline resolves around with a family consists of 3 brothers, their families, and an ageing mother. As the story begins, everyone is doing fairly well in their life.

Like the name suggested, money plays an important role in the film. We can see how much they can earn, and how fast and easy those money being used up. Audience can easily understand the scenarios playing in the movie as it is really happening in our life. 
Talk about practicality & realistic in Jack Neo's film, he's able to bring out the elements of what the society is happening from yesterday to tomorrow.

One of the brother who's running real estate business had his money stolen by the lawyer, while the other 2 brothers' business crashed as their products are believed to be harmful. Sounds familiar, no?

Slowly, the best part of the movie surfaces.

I mentioned that money is the topic here, but another important aspect in the film is the family bond as shown by the 3 brothers and the mother. This is another trademark of Jack Neo's film, bringing out the community message to everyone, this time emphasizing the importance of a family.

For the acting part, there seems to be flawless performance as those actors and actress have worked together before so they're used to each others already. I've to particularly mention the mother in the film, played by Lai Ming.

Her performance in the movie is such that she overshines those of her sons in the film, though they're the main characters. Without her, this movie would be just as dull as it can be, but no, with the introduction of the motherly figure, the film itself centres on the matriarch of the family.

As the mother showing symptoms of ageing, the brothers have to take turn to take care of the sick mother. Ultimately, they decided to send the mother to the retirement house.

This film is said to be an emotional piece, I can understand why. Those who've watched the movie told me you walk into the cinema laughing, and you walk out from the cinema sobbing.

The 2 pics above are the most touching part. The scene where the eldest brother send the mother to the retirement house without her knowledge, and then he just fled leaving the helpless mother alone there, it's just simply too cruel to bear it.

I admit, that I shed tears for this part. I've to run away from the couch because dont wanna let them see me crying lol.

We Chinese teaching presses hard on filial piety. This scene involved here send a strong message to the audience reminding them no matter how hard it is to take care of your old folks, you've to remember that they're the one who brings you into the world, take care of everything until you comes to age, so in return you should treat them well as they're getting older.
Last time I heard the Singapore government planned to set a law on filial piety, as the trend of sending ageing parents to the retirement house is increasing. Whether the law passed or not, I've no idea.

The movie ends with the ailing mother decided to end her life for the sake of saving her granddaughter who're involved in a car accident and needed the rare O- blood for transfusion. This was done under desperate condition as the brothers are fighting over the blood pack. The mother uses all of her last energy to pluck out the life-supporting pipe, thus sacrificing herself to save her granddaughter.

Jack Neo's film is known for his satirical comedies and practical jokes, in this movie there're still laughter bombs implanted inside, but at the same time the movie had it's food for thought, give a deep impression to the audience.

The reality of the film reminds people that money isn't the answer for all, and the priority must be given to the family even if you're poor, having trouble to support yourself in life.

Money can be earned again once you've lost it, but once someone's gone, he/she's gone for good and no matter how much money you have, that person cannot be revived even by medical miracles.

I must say, this is the best Jack Neo film I've ever watched to date. "I Not Stupid" series are good as well, but the content in "Money Not Enough 2" is more matured and can be accepted by most of the audience, as compared to "I Not Stupid" series which mainly focuses on student

I wonder, how those people felt, if they're the one who send their parents to the retirement house, those sibligns who fought with each other because of money, those who didn't care about their family all the while. 

I'm not a native Hokkien speaker so I may not be able to digest the conversations in the movie. There're jokes in it but I just cant catch it, too bad!  :(

I cannot help but to praise Jack Neo's creativity and brilliant ideas making the movie, as well as the top class acting by the crews, especially the mother! 

I'll be looking forward for his future productions! :) 

P/S: I didn't finish this post at 8:20am, I just set it as scheduled post to avoid the blog RSS feed mess up with my Facebook settings. It's just 2am now, and this post should be up when I wake up.  :)

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