20 November 2008

Study in Japan Revival?

Just went to the hospital to fetch parents back home.

Father informed me bout possibility of studying in Japan. To get into the Japanese university, I'll have to enrol into a Japanese language institute and study over there.

Heard the application is closing soon so tomorrow I'll be going to the office there with my father to settle things down.

Hmm.... I wasn't really expecting this though, I thought the chances of studying in Japan is pretty slim because rarely there's scholarship cater to study a music degree. I thought I'm going for Plan B already, but now there's a revival it seems.

Previously, when I went to check the university info at the Embassy of Japan. Studying in Japan is not impossible, as there'll be support over there, so need not to worry too much actually, so says the advisor I met.

I'm still a little sceptical though, because studying oversea, you've a lot of things to be considered, especially the cost. No matter what I'll still have to depend on parent's financial support for a time being though.
Anyway, I don't mind working part-time there though.

Studying Music in Japan, is really a dream for me. I just had this feeling that I might be on the way to Japan, a place where I wanted to go....

Exhibition at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.

So far I've searched around for the potential university over there in Japan. How do I find the university, I checked a few Japanese musician's background profile, see which university they used to study in.
My choices are:

Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music (Geidai)
Notable alumni: Toshihiko Sahashi, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Takeshi Kitano

Kunitachi College of Music
Notable alumni: Joe Hisaishi

I'll still continue to do research on potential university there in Japan. Haven't really decided want to stay in Tokyo though, hustling and bustling megapolis.... suburban area would be nice.

I'll rest the chance of studying there in the hand of fate. 

If I'm destined to study in Japan, then so be it, application accepted. 
Else, I will still have Plan B.  

I'll update more info bout studying in Japan when I get things settled tomorrow.  :)


  1. wao~ tat's very nice~
    hope tat ur dream can come true ya~ ^^

  2. thanks PV, will see what I'm being offered next. :)

  3. Cool.. another friend who will study abroad.. Good luck yo.. and learn music nicely then next time no more maksim but CLF.. haha..

  4. Well I really hope one day can create my own album hahah. :D
    Wait and see. ;)