21 November 2008

First Step Studying in Japan

Went to the Lupeichun Japan Education Centre today along with my father. It's situated somewhere in Petaling Street, easily accessible via the LRT.

Mr Lu is the pioneer studying in Japan, and he's been staying there for more than 2 decades. He's right person you should refer to if you're planning to study in Japan.

So here's my planning studying in Japan.

Before I enrol into the university, I'll have to take up a year's course in a school in Japan called ABK (Asian Bunka Kaikan). I'll be studying the pre-university level as well as train my Japanese language there. Well, I've to follow the suit although I've just done with my Pre-U studies.

So before I go to Japan, I'll be taking a few month's short course of Japanese here in the education centre, which starts from the 9th of Dec. It'll be a full-day course from 0930 to 1530, 5 days a week.

It's important to have the basic before moving on into the Far East land or you'll have a hard time to struggle there.

If everything went smoothly I'll be heading to Japan on April 2009. Will be staying there for a year studying the language, as well as prepare myself for the university application over there.

Should the journey went perfect, I'll officially step into the the university entrance on April 2010. Which university? Dunno yet, but I know there're a quite a few universities offered the course I want.

The ABK school which I'll be studying is situated in the heart of Tokyo. They provide dormitory for the students as well as other student services there, very helpful according to Mr Lu.

Right now I've 2 major concerns here.

The first is the language. Since I'll be taking the short course so I think this problem can pretty much solved before I went there. Well, I can make use of the anime for practise, if it's necessary.

The second, financial support. According to the estimation, to cover for the entire cost, from zero to something cost about RM 60k+. It may cost more as currently the MYR to JPY currency exchange is moving towards the Japanese's favour (JPY 100 = MYR 3.80).

For the first few months I'll have to rely on parent's support, after the 3rd month I can work there legitimately as a part-timer. Heard that the price for part-time is around 1000 yen/hour, which is roughly MYR 38/hour, very good rate if converted into MYR (in Malaysia the part time wage is bout MYR 5/hour, pathetic).
I don't mind to work, as it's another chance to learn some new things there.

I'd wish to work in a Japanese restaurant where I can eat sashimi and sushi for free lol! :P

For the time being I'll try to settle up the application stuffs, and after 2 more weeks I'll be starting my Japanese language course already.

The first step to Japan, good luck!   :)

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