22 November 2008


With my plan going offshore next year, this blog will definitely be affected as well.
I guess the next theme will more or less based on bits of Japanese flavour in it.
It's likely gonna be white & red~

Tomorrow will be going back to the education centre to submit the applicatio. Kinda in a hurry as have to rush for the deadline.

Well, it's really unexpected, that I'll be leaving so soon. April 2009 may come quicker than I expect, how time flies in just a blink of eye~

I know that I'm gonna miss this place for sure, but well, going there is all for my future, sometimes you just have to make the decision of life and there's no turning back, no regret, just keep on moving on the route you've taken.

I already expect the state of emotion and mental strain that I would be suffering sooner or later, but that's just the natural process. Once I've get used to it, things will turn out to be fine for sure.
At least, it won't be as harsh as the National Service! Totally different environment, different purpose!

According to the schedule, I'll be leaving to Tokyo on 7th April 2009, and will be studying there 'til 10th March 2010 (few days after my 21st birthday). There'll be a month's break until the university starts on April 2010.

I'm likely to work there during the break to cover my expenses, as I don't want to put on too much burden on my parents, because another sis is still studying as well. As they reaches the retirement age, things can get a little complicated then.

My days in Malaysia are numbered, now I've to appreciate all the time I spend here with family and friends, because I know that I won't be coming back that soon.

I'm gonna miss the food here, really. Any Malaysian staying abroad would definitely miss all the glorious Malaysian delicacies! Next time I'll be drooling looking at friend's food blod on the food pictures....

I've set a countdown timer to remind me and the readers how long it would be to the date I'm going off.

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