20 November 2008

End of The Line

Freedom & Independence achieved on the 20th of November 2008, at 11:00am.

Last night didn't get a good sleep. A friend messaged me at the very moment when I was asleep asking me to go Sg. Wang today for Gundam expo. (-__-")

The annoying stray cats at the backyard didn't do good either, howling and meowing early in the morning making me to wake up "prematurely".
Hate to have my sleep disturbed, especially at such important day.

The last paper, Biology P4 is not as hard as most of us thought, was surprise there's many application questions in it, luckily I studied the part the other night or else I'll doomed lol.

Essay part is unexpected as well, I've omitted to study the structure of the neurones, which may cost me dearly in this part. I was expected more on explaining the process instead of explaining the structure.

Well, I'm really glad that it's all over now. :D

I can proceed to my plans yeah!

Had lunch for the very last time at TBR alone today. Noticed the fried noodle serving portion is larger this time. Though the price haven't drop, but at least the serving increases. Was not in the appetite for the food though, I only managed to finish it off slowly.

Chau Kuey Theow Mee + egg

Noticed my left-rear tyre went flat while on the way back, decided to stop by the petrol station to give it a pump in the air. The tyre however went totally flat as I pop in the pump.

Luckily the mechanic workshop is just less than 1km away so I drove the car with a flat tyre to the workshop to check it out.

Seems like something popped into the tyre which causes it to run flat. Luckily not a big problem, the guy manage to dissemble and assemble the tyre back in just 5 mins!

This should be the 3rd time I got my tyre popped driving to college.
1st time was an unexpected ride to the hostel in last year.
2nd time is an unknown circumstances but luckily there's someone to help me up to fix the tyre.

Just a moment after I online, Kai Heng confirmed with me that all the tickets for the LOTR Symphony is fully booked, from the cheapest to the priciest, 19th to 21st Dec all fully booked!

Sigh, there goes the symphony, maybe some will cancel their ticket but I've a gang close to 10 persons going, kinda hard to have so many tickets available at once. Next time I should be more careful with my timing lol.

(because I thought not many Malaysians would enjoy this kind of symphony lol, I was very wrong this time.)

Later in the evening I would be expected to fetch my parents back from the hospital. Father's discharging today, which is a good news.

Oh boy.... what a day....

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