07 November 2008

The 4th blogging Year

7th November 2004, that's the date I started this very blog. Somehow, I kept remember the date as 8th Nov.... (~__~)

I've spoken a few of my thoughts in an earlier post, in case you've missed it. That's basically the summary on how I've been changing styles in blogging since I first started it.

Previous blog header image

So.... apart from the facts I shared above, to what extent the blog had influence over my life?

In this year, blog about money has been a serious issue. It's always good to get hold of cash, and what's better, you don't need to work for full-time to get paid!

Though I do not directly indicate how much I've earned so far, but it's enough to cover my exam fees, which is great to ease off parent's burden. In fact, nowadays I seldom ask for pocket money from them unless there's a huge amount of money I need to pay, say, college fees.

Besides, I spend the income on audiophile stuffs as well, from headphone, earphone, to CDs.
I don't spend the money on clothings or boozing so I guess every individual has their habit and preference on how they would invest their money into.

EarphonesMaksim albums

Now, I'm walking near the end of another journey, almost reaching it's destination. Very soon I'll be travelling again, to another journey of life~

College life is drawing closer to the end as we're finishing the final papers one by one. Very soon, there'll be a full stop for us. It's the time for us to embrace in the higher level of education, after spending one and a half years preparing in Pre-University studies.

School of Pre-University Studies
School of Pre-University Studies

I'm glad that I've managed to jot down most of the events happenin' around in the college in the blog. Previously I started late for secondary school so I managed to record the second half of the experience. Luckily I did, because that's one of the best experiences I ever had, so far.

Unlike my secondary schoolmates, collegmates are much more tech-savvy and are willing to put in effort in writing blogs. The collegemate blog links on the right is pretty much the proof. My secondary schoolmates' blog, usually went abandoned after few posts. I rarely see one that can stay up to a month.

Class SN8B
Ms Lynn's farewell

Ultimately, blog is another channel for us to communicate among collegemates. We've seen each others in the lecture hall, we've chatted through the MSN, and in blog we're able to know better of their characters as we blog through our heart.

College Admin block
College Admin Block

Anyhow, I've yet to achieve one thing that I promised, that is revamp this blog design. It's been more than a year I used this template, surely it's about time I change it.

Was considering a custom template instead of the Blogger-suggested template, will going to look around for it once my exam is done.
So far spotted a few nice ones.... and I'm thinking to going crystal clear in white colour. It's good for putting pics up as most pics are having white background.

Another previous blog header
Neo Rhapsody 3

Time flies, yeah, 4 years passed rather quickly. Next year this blog is going to celebrate it's existence in the past half decade. I'm not sure anyone around me would have the stamina to keep writing on the very same blog after all these years though.

Surely, if the Internet is still accessible to me, I'll continue write on.

Will check this out again next year, happy blogging everyone!! :)

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