07 November 2008

Mentally Murdered

Another frustrating paper, Physics paper 4 just took my soul away.

As what we expected, another tough and mind-twisting paper. Those people in Cambridge love to set out-of-the-mind questions.

Seems like my brain doesn't function well during exam due to the stress that comes naturally with exam, no matter how calm and cool you are before step into the exam hall.
Things that I normally remembered simply flies out of my mind, as if there's some sort of vacuum to suck out the knowledge.

Tried my best to answer all the questions, but like the previous batch, I'm stuck with a particular question, not knowing what's the theory behind it, and therefore I couldn't do it.
The question asking about 2 deuterium particles collide with each other. You're given the radius of the particle, prove that the collision happens at a given speed.
Can't remember anything related to it, oh well.

Alright, better stop complaining now. At least, this paper is finally over. Halfway to go, 4 more papers before the end of everything!

Chemistry paper 4 falls on next Wednesday, after that it'll be much easier papers I guess.....


  1. I have my finals too.But I still haven't gone stressed yet because I know I can do it.Good luck!

  2. Heh that's good for you.
    Good luck to you too!