08 November 2008

Graduate Without Ceremony

My old mates from the secondary school had their graduation ceremony on Monday.

If, I were to study STPM Form 6 in the school, I would be joining them for the celebration, and I wouldn't be in TARC for good. This choice did crossed my mind before, but it was the last resort, the last place I would go if I really had no idea where am I going to study.

Me with classmates during our Form 5 graduation ceremony.
Some of the people in this pic are currently studying in TARC too.

I chose to study A Level in TARC because I wanted to experience something different from the school environment. In a college you're basically in between the school & university, in the middle of the transaction.

I'm not those kind who follow wherever the friends go, but I'm glad there're friends who's going there with me as well. It's always nice to have a few friends around to get things started.

Talk about my secondary schoolmates who're doing their STPM in the school, I still got the chance to meet with them again once in awhile when I'm free. I'd just drive to the old school, pop into the classroom to surprise everyone, hahah.

I've a good reputation in the school, the teachers know me well, so do the Form 6 students. I have no problem to walk into the school through the front gate, unlike some people who sneak in through the back door. :P

I befriended almost everyone back then, so it's easy for me to mix around with any of the gangs in the school. I'm just like a part of them, just that I seldom turn up in school.

I'm glad I could join them during that night....

I'm eager to see their graduation pics & vids, but I guessed they're now busy with final revisions for STPM which commence soon. I'd like to see how the pics would look like, the perfect pic.

From my experience, I would usually take a camera to school to shoot pics and videos if I have the chance. I missed those days, hahah. I think there aren't much potential students able to do this to my extent, so far I've seen no one among my old schoolmates (sorry guys).

I'm not try to look down at them, but I just got the feeling that those pics or vids could have been better.... if I were there. :P

Now come back to TARC.

My only regret is that the SPUS doesn't have a graduation ceremony, at all.
Is it better to use the word graduation? Or convocation? Diploma schools had their pride graduating in the college hall, but no reception for us at all.

Our course ends in a rather cruel matter, the final exam.
It's lethal, dunno how many students are being "killed" in each papers..... I was one of the victim as well.  :(

Whenever I go through those old pics and vids I've took, I just smiled all the way through..... graduation back then meant a lot to me:
5 years of secondary education is almost done.... it's been 5 fruitful years, really.
It is the period of time whom my character is being shaped. What you know me today is the result from all these years.

Cheng Leong who's from the other class recorded this soundclip & videoclip at the very moment we throw our "square caps", hahah.... a memorable moment, really.

With my final exam ending on 20th Nov, it marks the end of my college life for good. College life has been fun, but sigh, it ends with an ugly scene of corpse or dying students piling up outside the examination hall. Yea, really bombastic description.

But anyway, I'm really glad and grateful that I've got to know a lot of good friends from the secondary school, as well as the bunch of collegemates in the past year.

You guys really made my life an interesting one, I wouldn't regret to know you all even to my last breath of life lol! (*Touchwood!* I dont wish to die so soon yet! Live for another 100 years hooray!! :D)

5S3 & SN8B
ClassmatesGroup pic with Mr Low in the lab

Remember these faces, one day we're going to rock the world!
Me with good mates Chin Wei & Siu Cheng.

Chin Wei, Siu Cheng, me

All the best in A Levels & STPM!! :D


  1. haha.. why suddenly so touch? We also graduated.. so even you are able to enter school, you are not able to meet us in a class anymore..
    So When will you finish your exam? 17 Dec 2008 Free at night? could have a little gathering with a birthday party? hope to see you again.. Enjoy your exam..
    STPM.. I loving it.. haha..
    Please don't contact me before 3th Dec regarding that matter.. ^^ Thanks!

  2. hahah, so sad, no more chance to play with you all again.

    I 20 Nov only finish exam, which means your's just started a few days. Good luck to everyone la hahah!

    Yea sure, just brief me the details of the gathering when you're free again.

  3. Oh my gosh,you can still remember the day of our graduation. To me,it was a blur cuz the school didn't really celebrate for us. They should have made it more grand,lik the one in High School Musical,hehe...

  4. I remember it because I've blogged about it hahah.
    Well, consider not bad lar, better than nothing from college lol.

  5. Yeala,college didn't care at all. Anyway,I'm glad that my torturous college life is over:)

  6. Anyway, college grad comes in the form of prom, not bad also ma hahah, great chance to get in touch with people.