01 October 2008

Old Friends~

Today got the chance to contact with a few friends from secondary school. It's not that usual I meet up with friends all the time, but to meet with a different gangs after the other sure is something interesting here.

Called up a few mates, namedly Kok Yi, Chin Wei & Yee Kai for a few rounds of badminton near my house. We joked and talked while playing, it was a fun game. After the game decided to go out "yam cha", another round of tea with the gang.

While driving spotted another friend passed by our car, it was Khye Liang and his gf Zee Ling. Rumours spread that they've separated but it's all bullshit as they're still together as usual. Too bad Khye Liang didn't join us for the tea, or else it'll be more interesting.

We talked lots of stuffs there, from college life to politics, etc. Bump into Siu Cheng there as well, he's having his shot with his own mate, which I presume is his collegemate.

Back to online world, wished Huey Jiun happy birthday before Sun Hua message me to talk about things happened 3 years ago. 
Ah, it was quite something that time, and I did write about it in this blog. My mind was refreshed with all the memories happened back then, now come and think of it, it's kinda embarressing lol. 

Anyhow we're all more matured than we're 3 years ago, though I've argued with Sun Hua for some time, but we're still hold mutual respect between each other.

I'm glad that I still could keep in touch with those school friends until today, everyone seems to be as good as they were back in the school. It's almost impossible to keep in touch with everbody, but to keep in touch with them once in awhile is good for the long run. 
Who knows? Maybe next time they'll be someone you'll be rely on, or work with? The real life haven't started until you're exposed to the real outside world.

It's important to build up a certain social network circle among friends as soon as you can. I've got the feeling that in a few years time, my current collegemates would be somebody in the society, a real player. 

So.... better make more contacts now so that life in the future could be a little easier, heheh. Don't be mistaken, I'm not trying to take advantage on others, if they need help I'd be gladly help as well. Helping others in need gives me satisfaction that I'm able to contribute for other people.  :)

A friendship is fated, the bond between you and your friend, would not break until the day you're taken back to the nature~

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